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2009 in pictures December 30, 2009

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(This is back when we took a million pictures of Forrest.  How times have changed.  Mike’s playoff beard was in full swing.)


(Steelers win their 6th Super Bowl.  With a little help from Mike’s “lucky” playoff beard.)


(St. Patrick’s Day . . .never thought I’d experience a St. Patrick’s Day at a bar at a Mexican restaurant.  Drinking Pepsi.  And being the designated driver.)


(Half way there.)


(Babymoon in Vegas.)


(JLo’s bachelorette party.  And her bridal shower.  And 2 baby showers for me.  Wow, was that a crazy month!)


(Mike’s birthday.)


(JLo’s wedding . . .what a great day!)


(No explanation necessary.)


(I fell more in love every day.)


(Our 10th wedding anniversary.)


(Best. Christmas. Ever.)

Happy New Year!


7 Responses to “2009 in pictures”

  1. Therese Says:

    It was a great year, wasn’t it?

  2. Holli Lund Says:

    This was fun to see, thanks Shawna!

  3. Looks like 2009 was a fabulous year for you and your beautiful family. Thanks for sharing the photos 🙂

  4. Angella Says:

    What a great year! Happy New Year!!

  5. Amy-jo Says:

    My mom loved the pictures when I showed her. Of course, her first comment was “Why on earth is that cat in the cabinet?” That’s my mom.

  6. Lisanne Says:

    I would say that’s a BLESSED year if I ever saw one. LOVE the photo of you kissing her. Happy 2010!

  7. Great recap! Needless to say, you had quite the eventful year! Kudos!

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