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Going Home October 25, 2009

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On Friday Mike and I made a whirlwind trip to see my family.

We got up at 6:30, fed Maggie, showered, and packed an insane amount of stuff in the car for a day trip.  We hit the road at 8:00, drove 175 miles, stopped at my grandparents, hopped back in the car to go to my Dad’s, and then went to see my Aunt Sue and Uncle Mike before getting back in the car and coming back to Pittsburgh.  We even had a few more possible stops, but the timing just didn’t work out.

The drive there was uneventful, but coming back it poured down rain so hard that the wipers were useless.  The fog over the mountains was so thick that we drove at 15-20 mph in some spots.  There were fallen leaves all over the roads . . .in some spots you couldn’t even tell where the road was because it was so dark and foggy and rainy and the leaves covered up the reflective strips that had been guiding us.  It took us 4 hours to get back to Pittsburgh, about an hour and 15 minutes more than usual.  We got home at almost midnight, exhausted.

Was it worth it?


Maggie with her great-grandparents

Maggie with her great-grandparents

sticking her tongue out at her Pap

sticking her tongue out at her Pap

Maggie with Aunt Sue

Maggie with Aunt Sue


2 Responses to “Going Home”

  1. As stressful as trips with little ones can be (especially in bad weather), the memories are well worth it. love the photos of Maggie with your family 🙂

  2. Jamie Says:

    What a day! We used to do that all the time when we lived in DC. I don’t miss it. And you did it with a baby? Kudos my friend.

    The pix are great. Are you keeping these so that someday you can make a scrapbook?

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