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Guess who slept in her crib last night? October 13, 2009

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When Mike and I first got home from the hospital with Maggie, we decided to sleep on the couches downstairs to make things easier.  I wasn’t supposed to be running up and down the stairs a lot, plus our bed is really high and would be hard for me to get into and out of (many many times) during the night. 

It worked out really well, especially once it was determined that Maggie had reflux and we put her in her bouncy seat to sleep.  She was sleeping within arm’s reach at night and checking on her consisted of rolling over and hanging my head off the edge of the couch.

It worked out so well that we were reluctant to move back upstairs.  We had a good thing going and were kind of lazy about switching things up.  Other than 2 short naps, I didn’t sleep in my bed for a month!  Last Friday, we decided to bite the bullet.  Maggie slept in the bouncy seat next to the bed, and all through the weekend she would sleep about 4 to 5 hours at a stretch during the night.  The cats were glad to have us back in our bed, and it was nice to be able to stretch out and feel somewhat like a normal human being again.

Last night Maggie fell asleep downstairs around 9:30 or so, woke up to eat at 10:30 and fell back asleep a little while later.  We carried her upstairs around midnight, and put her in her crib.  She had been in it before during the day, but had only slept there for half an hour.  Mike and I spent an anxious half  hour or so staring at the monitor, but eventually fell asleep.  She woke up at 2:30 to eat, then fell back asleep until 6:00.  After I fed her at 6:00, I laid her down and sat in the chair peering over the crib and watched her put herself to sleep.  She slept until almost 9:00.

I think we’re on the way to getting into a rhythm and finding a routine that works for all of us.  We’re definitely headed in the right direction!


8 Responses to “Guess who slept in her crib last night?”

  1. Holli Lund Says:

    Hey, that’s really great!! That’s the hardest part for new moms it seems (establishing routine) and you’ve got it down pat!

  2. Therese Says:

    That’s awesome! Alex has slept in her crib for a couple of naps but we are waiting for her to go through the night before we put her in because she is sleeping in the same room as MIchael. Right now, she sleeps in a pack n play bassinet inour room.

  3. Jamie Says:

    I LOVE that crib and her bedding. I know I told you that before, but I wanted to say it again.

    I ‘m guessing your couches are comfortable for you to be able to sleep on them that long. I’d start to miss my bed. Jeff does prefer our couch, though I have a feeling that it is the way I sleep.

    It is a great idea though. We put B right in her crib (which was in our room) and she hated it. Her cheeks would touch the cold sheets and BAM, she was up. Once we got past the cold sheet thing (with flannel sheets) she was in that thing for 2 years. Some days I’d like to put her back in it, LOL.

  4. These are the milestones that are huge. Enjoy the sleep. I absolutely love Maggie’s nursery – so perfect!

  5. Auntie Shell Says:

    Good for you all!!! It’s amazing how fast things change but once you all get a routine fully established…believe it or not…they tend to stay on it almost thru their teens!

    At least it was that way with Darik…he’s still on the same routine from when he was 3 months old…he’s 18 now! Crazy! He still gets cranky when he doesn’t get his 9-10hrs of sleep at night…or if he doesn’t get his breakfast immediately after getting dressed…and God forbid if he doesn’t have his dinner by 6pm every night!

    Good thing I taught him to cook when he was young! ;0)

  6. That’s a NICE looking crib. Gosh, I wouldn’t mind taking a nap in there myself, if I could fit!

  7. Amy-jo Says:

    Congrats on the sleep schedule. I was up at those same times with Phoebe. Except she didn’t go back to sleep after 6:30 That doesn’t seem right. Enjoy your sleep. You deserve it!

  8. Cindy Says:

    Just love your crib set!! It is beautiful! and glad to hear Maggie slept in her crib; what a milestone!!

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