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One Month October 9, 2009

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Somehow, my baby is one month old already.

She’s now 11 lbs 2 oz and 23 inches long.  She has meltdowns for a few hours each evening, but has been sleeping really well once she’s able to fall asleep.  There have been a few nights this week where she’s slept for 9 or 10 hours and only woke up to eat–she certainly doesn’t miss a meal!  She still doesn’t sleep much at all during the day unless we go out somewhere (but I’ll gladly take that over the alternative–I’d rather be up all day than all night!).  The doctor was amazed yesterday when we told her that there was one day this week where she was up from 4AM to 10PM with only 3 little 15 minute naps.  It seems like we’re heading in the right direction towards getting into some kind of routine–hopefully we can make that happen before I go back to work in just a few short weeks.

She’s more and more alert with each passing day, and recognizes our faces and voices.  I love how she’s able to follow us with her eyes and how much she smiles at us.  She really seems to like the toys that hang over her swing and her bouncy seat and smiles at them as they move around.  Tummy time is not really a favorite activity of hers, but she does like to be held up to your shoulder (as long as it’s in between feedings and you’re not trying to burp her–she doesn’t like any interruptions during meal times!) and can push herself away with her hands and then move her head from side to side, so we’ll keep trying to make the transition so that she learns to do that while on her belly.

Her personality is so much more defined now than it was a week ago, or even a few days ago.  It’s so amazing to watch!


5 Responses to “One Month”

  1. Therese Says:

    So beautiful! I love the changes that everyday is bringing, don’t you?

  2. Holli Lund Says:

    She is precious… I can’t believe its been a MONTH already!!

  3. Shawna, how are you?!!! I haven’t been by in ages, obviously, your little darling girl is so, so precious! One month already!

    Congrats to you and Mike (and sorry for being so behind, bad blog friend!)

    This working full time thing is just exhausting me and I’ve felt that I’m neglecting a lot of my blog pals, especially the ones that I’ve been with from wayyyy back.

    I am just ecstatic for you – and so happy that you are enjoying these wonderful stages that Maggie is experiencing and will continue to go through. There is nothing in this world better than seeing the world through a baby and child’s eyes. Enjoy!

  4. Sounds like she already hates bedtime! Can’t blame her at all, there is just too much to see and do in this great big world of ours.

  5. Jamie Says:

    I can’t believe she’s a month old already! It seems like just yesterday when I was obsessively checking your blog to see if she had arrived yet.

    And she’s getting cuter every day! Seriously – that fresh pink skin and the cheeks? I want to squeeze her!

    My oldest did the 15 minute cat nap thing during the day and slept all night long from two weeks old and that was just fine for us. Being sleep deprived was never my thing (haha).

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