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Three weeks September 30, 2009

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Somehow another week has flown by . . . .

Maggie is amazing us every day.  She’s so much more alert and aware of the world around her.  She smiles at us (I don’t care if it IS gas, a smile is a smile) and is interested in the toys that hang over her little vibrating rocking seat and her swing, and even makes motions to bat at them.  It’s so neat to watch her get a little bit more coordinated with each day.

In honor of her being three weeks old, yesterday was the first time that the two of us left the house together by ourselves and we spent the day out and about.  I wasn’t supposed to drive for three weeks after my C-section, and although I had cheated a little by going on a few quick errands by myself in the past week, this was the first time I had driven with her in the car.  We went into my work to get her added to our health insurance and to let everyone I work with fawn all over her.  After that, we went to the mall to drop off some packages at the post office and stopped in a few stores to buy her some more long-sleeved shirts and onesies–it’s gotten really chilly here in the past few days!  It was the first time I used her stroller, which was a learning experience–I’m so used to just zipping through stores and had to learn to navigate the stroller around racks and through narrow aisles.

She slept basically from the time we left the house until we got home . . .I think the fresh air and the car ride really knocked her out!  It took me wrestling her out of the car seat once we got home to wake her up enough to feed her–that was the first time I’ve ever had to wake her up to make her eat!


8 Responses to “Three weeks”

  1. Therese Says:

    so cute!!! Alex was awake for 5 hours today! She is really waking up!

  2. Jamie Says:

    She is adorable and I love the hair!

    Stores and not designed for strollers. I miss my girls being so “portable’ and sleeping through outings.

  3. Maggie looks so alert in that photo. She is changing so quickly. Glad that your first outing with Maggie and stroller went well.

  4. Auntie Shell Says:

    My goodness…look at Miss Maggie’s personality shine through on this picture!!!

    Way to figure out the stroller…I remember thinking the first time I tried unfolding a stroller, that I AM smarter than the stroller…I kept repeating it over and over again while struggling with the darn thing while my son staring at me like I was a lunatic from his car seat…good times, good times!

  5. Awww, she sure looks happy in that photo. What a cutie!

  6. Katie Says:

    too cute! she looks so pleased in the pic 🙂

  7. Tori Says:

    How adorable! I can’t wait till I have a little one…though it will be a few years, as I’m going to be getting married somewhat young next summer! I love your layout, btw!

    ♥ Tori

  8. Holli Lund Says:

    Look at how big she is getting! What a sweet little face 🙂

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