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Quick catch-up May 19, 2009

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know, I know. I’m a horrible blogger. I know with some people, the more that happens in their life, the more they blog. Me, well, not so much.

My father-in-law is doing extremely well. He went back to work part-time, which I consider an amazing feat, since his work is a few hours from here and he has an apartment there where he stays during the week. He does have to go back in a few weeks for more surgery—to have his other thyroid removed. He’ll only be in the hospital overnight this time, and in comparison to everything else he’s had done, this one should be a piece of cake.

Mike and I have spent the last few weekends concentrating on getting stuff done around the house. We got all of the blinds dusted (and we have a million windows, so that was quite a chore), washed all of the windows (a million of them, remember?), put the deck furniture together that had been sitting in cardboard boxes in the never-ending rain for 3 weeks, cleaned out the room that is going to be the nursery, put the crib together, and all kinds of other things. I was really pushing to get some of the bigger projects done now since we have stuff going on every weekend between Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. The upcoming weeks include a long weekend in Vegas (yay!), all kinds of running around for my sister-in-law’s bridal shower, the shower and bachelorette party, two baby showers for me—one hosted by my wonderful sisters-in-law here in Pittsburgh and one in the middle of the state that two of my good friends are organizing, Bob’s surgery, my nephew’s birthday, our hospital visit and baby care class, plus the normal work weeks and regular errands and doctors appointments. Oh, and all of the bigger home projects that we haven’t gotten to yet—our garage and basement are a DISASTER!. And somewhere in the midst of all of this, I agreed to host our neighborhood bunco league at our house this month. I’m thinking that I’ll be ready to pass out by the time the Fourth of July weekend gets here.

But I love being busy—I feel so much more organized when I have my to-do list all mapped out and I feel a really dorky sense of accomplishment when I can cross something off and move on to the next thing. Mike has been such a trooper throughout my never-ending demands. I’ve constantly had him lifting, moving, helping, cleaning, and putting stuff together. He’s been great with cooking and planning meals, helping with the laundry, and even giving up his body pillow so that I can sleep more comfortably at night. I know there have been times where I’ve been irritable and snapped at him, and he just goes with the flow. Pregnancy is a powerful, powerful thing!


5 Responses to “Quick catch-up”

  1. Karen MEG Says:

    So glad to hear that your FIL is doing well. And that you’re enjoying your pregnancy (maybe Mike isn’t so much… how is HIS back ;)?

    That crib? GORGEOUS!!! I’m so excited for you, tingling…

  2. Jamie Says:

    Wow, great news about your FIL! Amazing that he is working and traveling after everything he has gone through. What a strong man.

    I love being busy like that too, I know exactly what you mean.

    Hopefully you can squeeze in some time to get some relaxation in before the little one arrives. Enjoy that trip to Vegas!

  3. So thrilled to hear the good news about Mike’s father. Keeping busy and using the power of pregnancy is a good thing. I can not wait to hear about your trip to Vegas. How fitting that it all started there. Enjoy one last trip before the little one arrived.

  4. Holli Says:

    I’m so glad you are keeping busy and that everything is going well. That’s really good!!

  5. Lori Says:

    I am so glad to hear the update on so many things. I have been thinking of you. I suppose it is about time I write an update too, but I just don’t know if I feel like it anymore.

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