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The Secret March 9, 2009

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On Saturday, I discovered The Secret.

It rocked my world.  It changed my life.  It allowed me to get through the days without frustration and exasperation.  In peace.

It has nothing to do with the book

For The Secret is as simple as the air around us.  Fresh, outside, almost spring air.

The Secret?

When Forrest goes outside for a few minutes, it zonks him out for the rest of the day.

Case in point:

Yes, I know we’re the crazy cat people dragging their feline around on a leash.  I had bought the harness and leash last fall, thinking it would calm Forrest down a little if he could go out and run around for awhile.  It was a little too heavy for him back then, and he was more interested in playing with the leash than he was in going outside.

Now that he’s grown a little a lot, I figured it was time to try again.  He loved it.  Although he was a little hesitant at first, he quickly realized that he was somewhat free and could walk around the deck and backyard.  He had a great time sniffing at things, chewing on grass (what there is of it), and watching birds.  We went out three times over the weekend, and I swear by Sunday night he understood that seeing his leash meant that he got to go outside.  I think he’s part dog.

And when he passed out each time afterwards, it wasn’t his usual 20 minute catnap.  He was out for HOURS!  Mike and I could eat without fighting him for our food, we could watch TV without scremaing at him to leave Guinness alone.  It was heaven.

Now I just need the weather to cooperate so that we can make this a ritual every evening!


3 Responses to “The Secret”

  1. Holli Says:

    Oh god I love when my cat sleeps for hours!! Its so nice……such a break…….LOL

  2. Jamie Says:

    OMG, last night on AFV they showed a clip of a cat with a leash on and it just laid there letting it’s owner drag it around. (I could totally see my cat doing that… ) I keep picturing that and when I saw the picture of Forrest I just started laughing out loud. Now you probably think I am more nuts than I actually am, Haha!

    ALL my cats do is sleep, I guess they are old and lazy.

  3. The leash sounds like a perfect solution for Forest’s energy. He certainly is giving you and Mike a run for your money. Perhaps this will mean the new addition will be more quiet…wishful thinking I suppose 😉

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