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Long time, no blog March 7, 2009

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Sorry for the absence . . .I just kind of lost my blogging mojo for awhile.  Everything’s fine, my pregnancy is going well, I just haven’t really had anything of note to write about.  And now as I sit here this morning, watching the sun (gasp! the SUN!) break through the clouds, once again the last thing I want to do is sit here on the computer when I could be outside on a long walk.  So I’ll keep this short.


I haven’t been too enthusiastic about my music selections over the past few weeks.  I started out with The Best of Radiohead.  I have the limited edition 2 disc CD, so I listened to one disc one week and one the next.  I just wasn’t feeling it, but I plodded on through both weeks.  I was always a big Radiohead fan.  Pablo Honey was a staple in my music rotation in college.  But I’ve barely listened to this “Best of” compilation since it was released less than a year ago.  I can’t figure out if my music tastes have changed over the past –ahem– 15 years, or if I was forcing myself to listen to this when I wasn’t really in the mood for it.

This past week I pulled out Candlebox’s self-titled debut album, another gem from my college years.  I couldn’t even listen to it for the entire week.  I ditched it for the radio on Wednesday.  “Far Behind” was OK the first, and even the second time around, but I just couldn’t bring myself to continue with a whole week of Candlebox.

I think I’ll put a little more thought into my music choice for this week.  Somehow, it seems like I’m . . .maturing.  Who would’ve thought?

In the meantime, I’m going to go outside and play go for a walk and enjoy the warmer weather.


2 Responses to “Long time, no blog”

  1. Jamie Says:

    I guess no news is good new, right?
    I do love me some candlebox but I’m not sure if I could listen for 5 straight days, either.

  2. My musical tastes are all over the place, and I don’t know if it’s necessarily maturing even though my years are LOL!

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