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Six months February 1, 2009

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At the beginning of August, he was this:

Now, he’s THIS:

(Please ignore Mike’s “playoff beard”.  I know I certainly am.)

He’s the same height as Guinness, although leaner.  He’s still quite a character.  Definitely a kitten in spirit, if not in size.  The declawing and neutering only slowed him down for a few days, and didn’t calm him down at all.  He’s a hunter–he hides and pounces, catches his prey (usually a cat toy), and then hides it in one of Mike’s shoes.  He’s also a thief.  There are things missing from the house that Forrest has hidden that we just can’t seem to find, like Mike’s nose hair trimmers.  Seriously.

Because of Forrest, we know not to put toilet paper on the holder,

to put breakables up high,

to check the dryer carefully before turning it on,

and to duck when you turn the water on, because he’s sure to come bounding from the furthest part of the house to see what’s going on.

Some of his hobbies include:

  • eating your food when you turn your back
  • pulling the strings out of drawstring pants and carrying them around the house
  • biting toes
  • watching snowflakes and trying to catch them (even though they’re on the other side of the glass)
  • checking to see if the sink is clean and licking it if it’s not
  • slamming his body against the shower door while I’m in there, then waiting until I open the door when I’m getting out and playing in the water.  He then lays on the bathroom rug and stretches out, enjoying the heat.  We call it his “sauna”.

His favorite foods include:

  • anything you’re eating at the moment.  Anything.
  • soups–split pea, potato and bacon, bean
  • cereal, preferably soaked in milk.  Cheerios are a big hit.
  • bread.  We’ve learned not to leave a loaf of bread on the counter because he’ll bite through the bag.
  • beefaroni
  • eggs
  • lettuce
  • as a last resort, Friskes.

We tried so hard to train him to stay off of the island and counters, but he’s untrainable.  He’ll jump back up just as many times as you put him down.  He was afraid of the spray bottle for about 3 seconds before he learned to hold his ground and turn his face to the stream of water, completely unfazed.  When we have people over, we have to move the food and litter box into our bathroom and shut the bedroom door.  It’s just a matter of time before he figures out that our door doesn’t latch and if he would throw himself against it, it would probably bounce open.

Sometimes I think he’s the smartest cat ever.  Other times I think he’s as dumb as dirt.  The one thing I do know is that he’s definitely a cutie–


8 Responses to “Six months”

  1. Jamie Says:

    He IS quite a character! My oldest feline does not mind the squirt bottle either. She’ll just blink and turn her head away. Have you tried putting a gumband around the toilet paper spool so he can’t unravel it? He shouldn’t be able to shred it with his claws, since he is declawed, right? Cute pix… thanks for sharing!

  2. Karen MEG Says:

    He’s beautiful, but sure a handful!

    Thanks for your lovely comment over by my place, Shawna… it has really helped, knowing that people are thinking about me and my family during this sad time …


  3. lorimo Says:

    That Forrest is still adorable!

  4. What a lovely homage to your cat! You’d better do one for the other (and maybe your husband eventually), or he’ll get jealous.

  5. Sydney Says:

    Aww… he’s so cute! Looks like he’s maturing into quite the handsome cat.

  6. So glad to hear that Forest has recovered and is keeping you and Mike on your toes. So did Mike shave the beard now that they won?

  7. Lisanne Says:

    You definitely have a cute kitty! Wow ~ it’s amazing how quickly they get bigger. Our two-year-old does that with the toilet paper, too! LOL! 🙂 I love your bathtub … what I can see of it, anyway! I bet you spend a lot of time in there relaxing! So yeah, is the beard being shaved now? hehe 🙂

  8. airingdirtylaundry Says:

    dearest friends of Shawna….

    be cool with the tough talk on the beard. the Steelers are 2-1 when I grow the playoff beard aqnd that aint too shabby!! as much as Shawna said she didn’t like it, she was the first one to exclaim “THE BEARD WORKED IT’S MAGIC AGAIN” as the Steelers won the Super Bowl. We had a fantastic evening of cuddling with the beard that night knowing it would not be back until December 2009.

    embrace the power of the beard.

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