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Travelin’ Tunes–This Week In Music Part 4 January 31, 2009

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If I could find one good thing in all of the ice and snow we got this week, it was that it extended my drive to work (but barely affected my ride home each day). Normally I would get a little road-ragy when it takes me over an hour to make the 8 mile trek, especially when the length of the trip is the sole fault of the asshole in front of me in his SUV with 4 wheel drive and big tires creeping along while I follow in my Saturn-made-of-plastic-and-fiberglass with thoughts of passing him on a blind curve because I’m so frustrated. (My high school English teacher would not be proud of that poor excuse for a sentence.)

Anyhow, this week I easily coped with the weather, the road rage, and the trip thanks to Kevin and Michael Bacon.

It was the summer of 1997–August, I think.  Mike was in Myrtle Beach with a bunch of guys, I was in Pittsburgh in my crappy apartment sitting in the dark thanks to a tornado that had passed through.  When Mike got back, he raved about a band he had seen–The Bacon Brothers.  He had bought their debut album, Forosoco, and over the next few months we listened to it almost around the clock.  Twelve years later, the memories of that summer flooded back when I put that CD in.  I love when music evokes memories, when a certain song transports me back in time.  This whole album does that for me.  And its damn good!


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