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#80–Switch Out Interior Light Fixtures . . .DONE! January 31, 2009

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Last weekend my brother and his girlfriend came up to visit.  While she and I were out shopping for her wedding dress, my brother was kind enough to switch out all of our light fixtures for us.  The way I undertsand it, Mike supervised.  Along with Forrest.

It’s not that I couldn’t switch the lights out myself.  In our old house, I took down the grimy ceiling fan in the kitchen one day and replaced it with a flushmount light fixture.  It only took me, well, the whole day.  And three trips to the hardware store.  It seemed much more efficient to just have my brother do it.  It took him less than 3 hours to put up 11 lights.  He’s an electrician, so at least I know it was done correctly and safely.  I really appreciated that he was willing to spend a Saturday doing the same thing he does all week, so I made sure to have a roast in the crock pot and a fridge full of beer for him when he was done.

I know Mike doesn’t really care about the lights, but I think they made a world of difference!

Thanks, Dave!


4 Responses to “#80–Switch Out Interior Light Fixtures . . .DONE!”

  1. Holli Says:

    Your lights are beautiful……I really like them alot. I often make my brother do stuff like that too when he comes to see me. Poor guy always thinks he’s finally having a vacation and then I make him do all my handyman stuff. LOL

  2. lorimo Says:

    The lights look great! And Forest is growing up a bit isn’t he.

  3. Forest looks great, seems like he finally kicked the items from when you brought him home.

    Love the new fixtures, wish my brother was an electrician.

  4. Jamie Says:

    Whoa, new lights do make a huge difference! They are gorgeous! That kitty sure did hit a growth spurt, he’s not looking very kitten-ish anymore. My brother is a manager of a construction supplier company, wonder if I can hit him up to come do some work around my place…thanks for the idea!

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