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#80–Switch Out Interior Light Fixtures . . .DONE! January 31, 2009

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Last weekend my brother and his girlfriend came up to visit.  While she and I were out shopping for her wedding dress, my brother was kind enough to switch out all of our light fixtures for us.  The way I undertsand it, Mike supervised.  Along with Forrest.

It’s not that I couldn’t switch the lights out myself.  In our old house, I took down the grimy ceiling fan in the kitchen one day and replaced it with a flushmount light fixture.  It only took me, well, the whole day.  And three trips to the hardware store.  It seemed much more efficient to just have my brother do it.  It took him less than 3 hours to put up 11 lights.  He’s an electrician, so at least I know it was done correctly and safely.  I really appreciated that he was willing to spend a Saturday doing the same thing he does all week, so I made sure to have a roast in the crock pot and a fridge full of beer for him when he was done.

I know Mike doesn’t really care about the lights, but I think they made a world of difference!

Thanks, Dave!


Travelin’ Tunes–This Week In Music Part 4

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If I could find one good thing in all of the ice and snow we got this week, it was that it extended my drive to work (but barely affected my ride home each day). Normally I would get a little road-ragy when it takes me over an hour to make the 8 mile trek, especially when the length of the trip is the sole fault of the asshole in front of me in his SUV with 4 wheel drive and big tires creeping along while I follow in my Saturn-made-of-plastic-and-fiberglass with thoughts of passing him on a blind curve because I’m so frustrated. (My high school English teacher would not be proud of that poor excuse for a sentence.)

Anyhow, this week I easily coped with the weather, the road rage, and the trip thanks to Kevin and Michael Bacon.

It was the summer of 1997–August, I think.  Mike was in Myrtle Beach with a bunch of guys, I was in Pittsburgh in my crappy apartment sitting in the dark thanks to a tornado that had passed through.  When Mike got back, he raved about a band he had seen–The Bacon Brothers.  He had bought their debut album, Forosoco, and over the next few months we listened to it almost around the clock.  Twelve years later, the memories of that summer flooded back when I put that CD in.  I love when music evokes memories, when a certain song transports me back in time.  This whole album does that for me.  And its damn good!


Travelin’ Tunes–This Week in Music Part 3 January 26, 2009

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Maybe the title should be LAST week in music, hmmm? Seems I have nothing else going on in my life other than telling you about the CDs I listen to in the car, and I can’t even keep up with blogging about THAT! This week’s CD is New Order’s Republic.

I bought this CD in 1993 right after it came out, and other than the song “Regret”, I probably listened to it no more than five times since I bought it. Last Monday, I popped it into the CD player, sure that this time it would be different. It wasn’t.

It’s an OK CD, but nothing spectacular. I could go the whole week listening to it in the car on the way to and from work, but now that the week is over, it may be another 15+ years until I have the desire to listen to it again. And by that time, CD players will be what 8-track players are today. I just can’t help but compare this album with 1987’s Substance .  Although I’m not a die-hard New Order fan, if I had to pick an “essential” New Order CD, it would be Substance. A lot more danceable, a lot more memorable.

The one track on Republic that I can’t get out of my head?


Travelin’ Tunes–This Week in Music Part Deux January 17, 2009

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When I popped this week’s music selection into my CD player bright and early Monday morning, I felt like I was in a time machine, transported back to the early 90s.  It was hard to concentrate on driving with all of the memories flooding back to me–blaring this CD in a suite in the dorms our freshman year before we donned our flannel shirts and headed out to Zelda’s late at night for quarter drafts.  Listening to the cassette tape over and over until it wore out, and immediately going out to the store to buy another one because I couldn’t go a day without listening to it.

Erasure–Pop!: The First 20 Hits

This album defines my college experience and made me smile non-stop the whole time I was in the car this week.  I still know every word.

I couldn’t pick a favorite, so I chose the first youtube video that came up when I searched.  And so I leave you with this:


Travelin’ Tunes–This Week In Music January 10, 2009

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One of my 101 things in 1001 days is to listen to a different CD on the way to and from work each week.  I have a relatively short commute–20 minutes in the morning because no one else is on the roads at 6:40 and 30 minues in the evening when I sit at the same stop light 3 times in a row because of all the idiots who try to cut through a shopping center parking lot to skip a light and end up jamming the intersection.

But I digress.

My purpose in doing this is to dig some of the CDs out of our collection in the cobwebby basement that deserve a listen.  CDs whose songs weren’t cool enough to make it onto my mp3 player, CDs I haven’t listened to since college.  There are some real gems in there, I just have to brave the basement to find them.

However, this week I didn’t bother to get out an old CD (baby steps, people), I instead chose a CD that Mike picked up for me on an impulse a few weeks ago–the soundtrack to the movie Juno.

This soundtrack features Kimya Dawson and the Moldy Peaches, plus classics from the Kinks, Buddy Holly, Mott the Hoople, and The Velvet Underground.  If you’ve seen the movie, the soundtrack is absolutely perfect for it.  Mostly upbeat in an odd, quirky sort of way (except for the depressing Sonic Youth song), it allowed me to start off my day in a great mood and let me forget all of my frustrations once I left work for the day.  I couldn’t ask for more in a soundtrack.


Anyone Else But You by the Moldy Peaches

Just try to get it out of your head.


January 8, 1999 January 8, 2009

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Usually I go through the winter months in a fog.  It rains, it sleets, it snows, I really don’t care.  I just know that each day brings us one day closer to spring, to warmer weather . . .and more rain. 

My memories of certain occasions don’t include what the weather was like, unless it was particularly bad or surprisingly good.  I remember going to a Super Bowl party in the snow 5 or 6 years ago.  I remember the mess of a March blizzard we had during spring break one year in college.  I remember that the weather on our wedding day was bright and sunny and almost 70 degrees . . .in November.

I also remember what the weather was like ten years ago today.  It rained all day and then got increasingly colder, so that by the time I was leaving work, the rain had turned to sleet.  It was a mess getting home.  I ran from my car into my apartment, my hair getting soaking wet just in the few minutes it took to get in the door.

I changed into flannel sleep pants and one of Mike’s Pitt sweatshirts and put my hair up in a ponytail.  I was looking forward to a night in.  Mike was coming over later and I figured we’d just watch a movie or something.

Mike came in the door half an hour later, still in his shirt and tie, and with a bottle of wine.  He took me into the living room, got down on one knee, and proposed.

It wasn’t a surprise, really.  We already had our whole wedding planned for that November–the church was booked, the hotel was booked, the DJ was paid for, and my gown was ordered.  We planned our wedding without getting officially engaged, and it really hadn’t bothered me a bit.  I didn’t need a ring to know that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.

The first thought that crossed my mind was, “Crap.  I’m a mess.” 

But I didn’t really care.

If he could ask me to marry him on a night when I was wearing his baggy hand-me-downs, hair in a ponytail and crunchy stiff from the mousse that I had used that morning, and with mascara streaking down my face from my mad dash in the rain that I hadn’t bothered to wipe off, well, then, at least he could see me at my worst before we were married!

We ended up going out that night, in the ice and eventually snow, to a little bar near my apartment called the Pour House.  It was Irish, it was small and dimly-lit, and it was–understandably–empty.  We had a few drinks, maybe even some food, and quietly celebrated our engagement .

I will always remember the weather from that night. 

By the way . . .I said “yes”.


My Resolution January 6, 2009

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My resolution for 2009 is to watch more TV.


When Mike’s brother and his wife and their kids stayed with us over New Year’s, I watched 2 movies.  In one night. Without reading a book through them and only half paying attention.  That’s quite an accomplishment for me.  On Sunday, after they headed home, Mike and I vegged out on the couch and I watched another movie.  For me, 6 hours of vapid staring at the TV in the span of less than a week is unheard of.  When I lived alone, I could go for weeks without turning on the TV and it wouldn’t bother me a bit.

I don’t have “shows”–other than my half-hour soap that I DVR and am constantly a month or so behind on.  I don’t DVR anything else, I don’t make sure that I’m home at a certain time to watch a show.  I can’t commit, no matter how good a show is.  I’d always rather read a book.  Sometimes I can’t sit still through a show or a movie because I sit there and look around at all of the cleaning that needs to be done. 

So, in 2009, I want to watch TV.  Not an excessive amount.  Maybe just a few hours a week.  And when Mike asks me if I want to watch a movie (as he just did), I’ll start saying “yes” more than “no”.  And I totally just said “no”.  I’m in the middle of a good book and I need to pay bills and do some other stuff before I sit down. So apparently I’m not making great strides so far.  But I have the whole year, right?