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All apologies, or the one where I bitch and moan about how busy I am and you mutter “she’s so frickin lazy” under your breath December 17, 2008

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OK, here’s the deal–Mike and I ceased sending out Christmas/Holiday cards a few years ago.  Why?  Because it was just adding fuel to the fire that is otherwise known as “The Mad Scramble to Get Everything Done Before the Holidays.”

This year?  No different.  Actually, yes it IS different–it’s crazier than normal.  I can 100% guarantee that you will not receive a card from us.  We don’t discriminate.  We don’t send them only to close friends and family.  We don’t send them to people we don’t talk to much during the year.  We don’t send one to my almost-90-year-old grandparents who treasure every card and letter from me. We don’t send them to ANYONE.

So don’t be offended.  Because even if you are, I am not going to run out to the store and buy you a card and send it to you.  It’s just the way it is.  For now.  Should Mike and I ever have a child (God willing . . .everyone please keep your fingers crossed on that one),  trust me, you’ll get a card.  And it will probably have 30 pictures of the little one in it because I won’t be able to decide on which picture is the absolute cutest.

As a side note, I love getting mail that is not of the bill variety and does not reference the words “amount due” anywhere on it, so feel free to send ME a card.  Just, you know, don’t sit by your mailbox waiting for one to arrive in return.


2 Responses to “All apologies, or the one where I bitch and moan about how busy I am and you mutter “she’s so frickin lazy” under your breath”

  1. Praying that one day soon we will get one with lots of photos on it 🙂 Sending lots of holiday hugs to you during this crazy time of year.

  2. Jamie Says:

    My fingers are crossed that you get your baby wish fulfilled. You two are truly deserving of a wonderful blessing.

    I debate on the cards EVERY FRIKKIN YEAR. I always send them just to shove pictures of my kids down everyone’s throats because I love to be annoying like that. I make it pathetically easy by buying the cards at the end of the previous year for 75% off at Target and then I can slowly sign and stuff them at the beginning of November so they can go out Dec 1st- then everyone thinks I have my act together!

    I noticed that the trend seems to be heading towards no cards, especially with the younger crowd. My elderly aunts and grandparents send cards every year without fail.

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