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#83 Win Another Award From The American Cancer Society . . .DONE December 7, 2008

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Thanks for all of your kind words about Aunt Mary’s passing.  I had a lot to write about, but didn’t want to jam it all into one post, and my little tribute to her definitely deserved top billing.  My Vegas recap is still in the works (if “in the works” means I need to start writing it), so I’ll save that for later.  Trailing on the end of our whirlwind week that involved a trip to Vegas, a trip to New Jersey and back, and, oh, that almost-neglected thing called WORK, Mike and I had a dinner to go to.  A volunteer recognition dinner for the American Cancer Society.

Remember the award we won last year?

We did it again!  We are proud and honored to be the recipients of the 2007-2008 American Cancer Society’s Greater Pittsburgh Unit Income Development Merit Award. 

We met some amazing people at the dinner.  The woman next to us was a lung cancer survivor and had the most positive outlook.  She’s been through a lot in the past few years and still has some small tumors that are inoperable and will just need to be monitored.  She had always been a worrier about every little thing, but once she was told that she had cancer, the worrying went away.  She felt calm.  She knew it wasn’t her time to go and that she had to make the most of what time she does have left and realized that worrying about it would get her nowhere.  It was so inspiring to talk with her.

We also got to spend some time with the director of our local office.  She showed such an interest in our benefit, our motivation, and our vision of taking the benefit to the next level.  She lost her own mother to cancer 25 years ago, so working for the ACS is not just a job to her. 

Since we had won last year, we didn’t expect to win again this year.  I think both of our jaws dropped open as soon as the announcer said our names–we were stunned!  It’s such a great feeling to have our efforts recognized and gives us even more motivation to make next year’s event a smashing success!


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  2. Jamie Says:

    Wow, that is a great honor. You both must be so proud. Congrats and way to go!

  3. I bookmarked your blog, thanks for sharing this very interesting post

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