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2008 in review December 29, 2008

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What a whirlwind year!  As it comes to a close, I can’t help but think of all that happened this year.  My first thought was “Whew!  Glad it’s over.  Let’s move on to the next.”  Then I realized that that’s not fair.  It’s not like 2008 was incredibly terrible.  I have a lot to be thankful for, a lot of good things going on.  But as always, the bad stuff sneaks right in there.  So I’ll start with the bad, end with the good, and hope that the good stuff continues and multiplies in the upcoming year.  So, in no particular order:

The bad:

1. Aunt Joyce’s death

2. Grandma’s death

3. Losing a baby

4. Losing Giz

5. Aunt Mary’s death

6. Sickness–mono, 2 bouts of stomach flu, The Great Cold of January thru February, various other colds, earaches, and ailments.  I haven’t been this sick in one year since I was a wee little one. Mike also had a gout flare-up.


The good:

1. Going to Vegas over the Fourth of July with Mike

2. Vegas in August with the girls

3. Vegas over Thanksgiving with Mike (can anyone guess where my favorite vacation spot is?)

4. Forrest.  There’s nothing like having a kitten in the house.  He’s now healthy and growing, and YES! declawed He’s a constant source of entertainment, amusement, and frustration.

5. Making headway on home improvement projects.

6. Our benefit for the American Cancer Society

7. Good times with friends and family–near and far.  A spa trip with Michele and the girls in January in Phoenix; Becky’s bachelorette party in Pittsburgh and wedding in New York City; trips to The Sticks; visit from Lori and Paul and their kids; going to see Amy and Jeff and their baby; book club every month; 3 trips to Vegas (oh, I already mentioned those?); trip to Indianapolis for the Indy Mini; vists to and from Mike’s brother, our sister-in-law, and my adorable niece and nephew; and more that I can’t think of off the top of my head . . .

8. Random dates with Mike

9. JLo’s and ACT’s engagement

10. Connecting with so many cool people on Goodreads and through blogging.  I never thought that I would have so many friends that I never met.

11. My brother’s engagement to Abby

12. Making progress on the baby-making front.  Support from our family and friends, a great doctor, and DRUGS–gimme the drugs!


May all your days be merry and bright December 24, 2008

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So whatever, wherever, and however you’re celebrating this holiday season, be safe and have a good one!

We’re celebrating with Mike’s family tonight and then heading back to The Sticks to hang with my family on Christmas Day.  If I remember to take our camera, maybe I’ll even have a picture or two to show you upon our return.  We have NO PLANS this coming weekend (other than to clean the house and clear out the bedroom we’ve been using as a storage facility in anticipation of Mike’s brother and his brood arriving next week).  I am looking forward to sleeping in until at least 8:00 and lounging around with a book or two.  Although I’m trying to talk Mike into a quick trip to the casino in Wheeling . . . .


All apologies, or the one where I bitch and moan about how busy I am and you mutter “she’s so frickin lazy” under your breath December 17, 2008

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OK, here’s the deal–Mike and I ceased sending out Christmas/Holiday cards a few years ago.  Why?  Because it was just adding fuel to the fire that is otherwise known as “The Mad Scramble to Get Everything Done Before the Holidays.”

This year?  No different.  Actually, yes it IS different–it’s crazier than normal.  I can 100% guarantee that you will not receive a card from us.  We don’t discriminate.  We don’t send them only to close friends and family.  We don’t send them to people we don’t talk to much during the year.  We don’t send one to my almost-90-year-old grandparents who treasure every card and letter from me. We don’t send them to ANYONE.

So don’t be offended.  Because even if you are, I am not going to run out to the store and buy you a card and send it to you.  It’s just the way it is.  For now.  Should Mike and I ever have a child (God willing . . .everyone please keep your fingers crossed on that one),  trust me, you’ll get a card.  And it will probably have 30 pictures of the little one in it because I won’t be able to decide on which picture is the absolute cutest.

As a side note, I love getting mail that is not of the bill variety and does not reference the words “amount due” anywhere on it, so feel free to send ME a card.  Just, you know, don’t sit by your mailbox waiting for one to arrive in return.


Quick thoughts December 10, 2008

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1. Why does my bank need to send me a piece of paper IN THE MAIL to thank me for signing up for PAPERLESS statements?

2. Can I please just have one night where it’s not raining so that I can put up my outside Christmas decorations and go get a tree? I’m already battling “cold” and “dark”–there’s no need to add “wet” into the mix.

3. When meeting with our doctor yesterday to discuss fertility medication (topic for a whole other post), he also suggested that I start taking a baby aspirin each day. I said “Why? Do baby aspirins make babies?” WHY DOES NO ONE OTHER THAN ME THINK THAT’S FUNNY?

4. I may just do all of my holiday gift-buying online. With the little bit that I’ve done so far, it was such a welcome relief to just hit the “buy” button. I think I’m turning into a Scrooge.


#83 Win Another Award From The American Cancer Society . . .DONE December 7, 2008

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Thanks for all of your kind words about Aunt Mary’s passing.  I had a lot to write about, but didn’t want to jam it all into one post, and my little tribute to her definitely deserved top billing.  My Vegas recap is still in the works (if “in the works” means I need to start writing it), so I’ll save that for later.  Trailing on the end of our whirlwind week that involved a trip to Vegas, a trip to New Jersey and back, and, oh, that almost-neglected thing called WORK, Mike and I had a dinner to go to.  A volunteer recognition dinner for the American Cancer Society.

Remember the award we won last year?

We did it again!  We are proud and honored to be the recipients of the 2007-2008 American Cancer Society’s Greater Pittsburgh Unit Income Development Merit Award. 

We met some amazing people at the dinner.  The woman next to us was a lung cancer survivor and had the most positive outlook.  She’s been through a lot in the past few years and still has some small tumors that are inoperable and will just need to be monitored.  She had always been a worrier about every little thing, but once she was told that she had cancer, the worrying went away.  She felt calm.  She knew it wasn’t her time to go and that she had to make the most of what time she does have left and realized that worrying about it would get her nowhere.  It was so inspiring to talk with her.

We also got to spend some time with the director of our local office.  She showed such an interest in our benefit, our motivation, and our vision of taking the benefit to the next level.  She lost her own mother to cancer 25 years ago, so working for the ACS is not just a job to her. 

Since we had won last year, we didn’t expect to win again this year.  I think both of our jaws dropped open as soon as the announcer said our names–we were stunned!  It’s such a great feeling to have our efforts recognized and gives us even more motivation to make next year’s event a smashing success!


Goodbye, Aunt Mary December 6, 2008

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Your family was everything to you.  I’m so glad that I am a part of that family, that I had the experience of being your niece-through-marriage.  I still remember meeting you for the first time.  We bonded over Fresca and Tab and the National Equirer (or was it Star?).  There was never any meet-the-family-for-the-first-time awkwardness.  I felt at ease with you.  I think that everyone that ever encountered you felt the same way.

Now that both you and Uncle Richie are gone, it feels like the end of an era.  Walking through your house, trying to memorize everything, knowing that we’ll never be in that house again.  That all of the memories, all of the “stuff” will be divided up, distributed amongst your many children and grandchildren, passed on to those you loved and those that love you. 

You accepted me into your arms and into your family.  You touched my life (and I can almost see you laughing at how corny that sounds).  I’ll miss your smile, your laugh, your strength, your stories of the family that sound like legends when you recount them. 

I wish you peace.

Goodbye, Aunt Mary.

Go n-eírí an bóthar leat.
May the road rise with you.


JLo, Aunt Mary, and me on the beach in NJ--January 2008

JLo, Aunt Mary, and me on the beach in NJ--January 2008


101 in 1001 December 1, 2008

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I’m a list-maker.  I can’t help it.

Planning a dinner for company?  Make a list.

Need to remember what to pack for a trip away?  Make a list.

Going to the grocery store?  Make a list.

I love lists.  I like seeing everything I have to do listed in one place.  It helps me prioritize.  It makes me giddy when I can cross things off or–gasp–FINISH a list.

On one of the blogs I started reading lately (go! look!  She takes AWESOME pictures! Of weddings!  That make me tear up just looking at them!), there was reference made to a list she’s working her way through–the completion of 101 tasks in 1001 days.  I was intrigued by the idea and spent a lot of time thinking about what would be on my list.  So I, of course, started making my own list (and am still in the process . . . HERE it is).  Although inspired by Melissa because some of the things on her list are so creative and whimsical and awesome, I quickly realized that most of my “things” equate to housework . . .clean this, organize that, and so on.  But, oh well.  The purpose, for me at least, is to make some of these things habit, or to finally do things I’ve been putting off.

So, as of today, December 1st, 2008, my 1001 days begins.  As I check things off, I’ll be sure to, you know, blog about it . . .

Interested in knowing more about the 101 in 1001 challenge?  Go here.

Want to do it too?  Did my “clean out the closets” inspire you in the way Melissa’s list (and photography) inspired me?  Let me know and I’ll follow you along on your attempt to cross ’em all off!