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Catching up November 1, 2008

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The week before last, I did something I never did before.  I took a week of vacation time . . .without going on vacation.  The last time I even took a whole week of vacation was three summers ago when we went to the Outer Banks with Mike’s family.  The time before that was a trip to Aruba in 2003.  The only other week off was our honeymoon–9 years ago.  All of our vacation time has been long weekends or centered around a holiday.  I needed a break.

My one goal was to get our bedroom torn apart, painted, put back together, and the curtains (that I bought 2 years ago!) hung.  I spent all of Monday and Tuesday doing just that.



Notice my little helper.  I’ve been wanting to paint our bedroom for a long time, but knew that it would be a pain–our furniture is heavy.  Oh, and our bedroom is usually a mess.  It was nice not to have to cram it into a weekend and to know that I could take my time.

The rest of the week was fairly uneventful.  I had a few other little projects I wanted to get done, which I did, and a few larger projects that I wanted to get done that I blew off in favor of curling up in a chair to read.  It was a relaxing week overall, and I enjoyed every minute of it.  I might end up taking a week off every year just to do stuff around the house.

That Friday night, Mike, my sister-in-law JLo, and I piled in the car and headed to Virginia to celebrate our niece’s sixth birthday.  On Saturday, we ventured out into the drizzly rain to Hollywood Cemetery to take pictures for a school project that JLo was working on. 

Afterwards, we went out for lunch to Richbrau, a brewpub and restaurant.  By the time we finished eating, it was pouring down rain, so we headed back to the house to celebrate LiLo’s 6th birthday with homemade lasagna and an Oreo pie.

We headed back to Pittsburgh on Sunday, and by the time we got home, I had a cold.  This week flew by, getting back into the swing of things at work and trying to shake off this cold.  Thursday night, Mike decided he wanted to carve a pumpkin.  Forrest helped.

Last night was our neighborhood trick-or-treat, and the weather cooperated for once.  We set up a table at the end of the driveway with the jack-o-lantern and candy, and spent most of the time catching up with neighbors.

Mike’s roasting pumpkin seeds as I type this, waiting on the garage door repairman to come.  We’re both anxious to pick up Forrest at the vet.  He came through the surgery without a hitch and had his stitches removed this morning.  We should have clearance to go him around noon.  The house has been so quiet without him–we can’t wait to have him back at home!


2 Responses to “Catching up”

  1. lorimo Says:

    What a great idea! To take time off to get things done and just enjoy the time. We could all use that once in awhile. Your bedroom looks beautiful and I love the pumpkin head picture! I am glad to hear the Forrest has been doing well and am glad that you will be reunited soon!

  2. Sydney Says:

    Great pictures! I’m going to have some time off coming up all by myself. Alex will still go to school, Craig will still go to work, and I will tackle some house projects that were slated for the summer. I’m looking forward to the quiet!

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