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Falling apart at the seams August 26, 2008

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So it seems that I have mono.

It started off last week with a sore throat and a double earache.  I went to the doctor and got started on some antibiotics.  No big deal.  We had planned on going to Harrisburg last weekend to visit my friend Amy and her 7 week old baby, so I just wanted to make sure I was healthy before I drove 4 hours to spread my germs to them.

By the end of last week, the earache was gone, but I still had a sore throat.  I called the doctor’s office, hoping to be given a stronger antibiotic (since the one they had prescribed for me wasn’t very effective when they gave it to me back during the never-ending sickness of January and February 2008).  Instead, I was given a needle in the arm and the possibility of having mono.

We canceled our trip to Harrisburg, and I took it easy all weekend.  A lot of sleep, reading, sleep, fooling around on the internet, sleep, playing with the kitten, and more sleep.  Sounds great, but still being exhausted on Monday when I dragged myself to work made it seem like the whole weekend was just a dream.

I got the call today that it’s definitely mono and the only thing I can do is rest.  You don’t have to tell me twice–nothing like being prescribed to sleep!  I feel like all I’ve done for the last week is drag myself to work, struggle through the day, drag myself through whatever errands have to be run, and then go home and crash.  I am in a complete fog.  I’ve never felt anything like this.  It’s like I can’t get caught up–the more I sleep, the more tired I get.  Very strange.  And no amount of Rock Star or Monster or coffee has helped.

So, even though I just slept for 1 1/2 hours after work, I’m going back to bed and hoping that I’ll be able to put a coherent post together within the next few days or so.  In the meantime, I leave you with this little bundle of energy and cuteness:

maybe I cant sleep very well because this ones favorite hobby is chewing on my hair.

maybe I can't sleep very well because this one's favorite hobby is chewing on my hair.


Catching up August 17, 2008

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This past week included a trip to Vegas, a red-eye back to Pittsburgh, 13-15 hour workdays, a big event that I’ve been planning for months, dealing with the antics of an active (and still ringworm-ridden) kitten, and no more than 3-4 hours of sleep each night.

I survived on protein bars and energy drinks.  On Friday night I crashed.  I’m still alive, just comatose and groggy and now coping with an ear infection.  After I recover by catching up on sleep, I’ll catch up on everything else . . .

what appears to be a picture of a one-eyed cat and a prime shot of my nostrils

what appears to be a picture of a one-eyed cat and a prime shot of my nostrils


Our new “baby” August 5, 2008

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I just have a quick minute to post (leaving for Vegas in 48 hours and have a zillion things to do between now and then!), but I wanted to introduce you to the newest member of our family . . .

This is Forrest.  He’s playful and affectionate. . .

He’s adventurous. . .

He’s inquisitive . . .

 . . . and he’s so sweet (all 1 1/2 pounds of him)!

It’s such a change having a kitten in the house.  There’s only one of us who’s not very happy about it . . .