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One small correction . . . July 17, 2008

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Mike read my last post tonight and corrected me on what OFS stands for–it should be Operation Financial Shutdown, not Official Financial Shutdown.  Something seemed wrong with the word “official” when I typed it, but I couldn’t figure out what the right word was, so I left it that way.  We’ve called it OFS for so long and never call it by it’s proper name.  Thanks for the correction, Mike!

For those of you who want some sports-related background behind “operation shutdown,” a few years ago there was a Pirate–Derek Bell–that wasn’t playing very well despite the Pirates dumping a bunch of cash in his pockets.  He basically didn’t want to play for the Pirates anymore and went on what he called “operation shutdown” to the media and just rode out his contract until the Pirates were able to release him.  I had to have Mike repeat the Derek Bell story to me about six times before I could succinctly write a few sentences about it . . . sometimes I’m totally dense about all of the inner workings of contracts, free agency, etc.  I just think all of those guys are out there because they like to play ball.  Mike, on the other hand,  remembers who did what, when, and where, and where he was at the time, what he was doing,  and even what T-shirt he had on.  When it comes to sports, that is.  When it comes to remembering where we keep the floor cleaner or where the laundry basket is for his dirty socks, well, that’s another story.

Back to baseball.  In Mike’s words, “Derek Bell was a fucking scumbag.”  Obviously, Mike’s still a little pissed off over the whole situation.


2 Responses to “One small correction . . .”

  1. Sydney Says:

    Hey there… haven’t commented lately. Just got two of those annoying blog awards making the rounds, so I thought I’d share the love with you. Play along if you want!

  2. Hey, Shawna!

    Just taking a peek at your blog ~ What fun…thanks for commenting on Words To Mouth. Goodreads is fabulous. Check out as well…just found it!

    Take good care,

    **I’m picking winners to the free book contest VERY soon, so I’ll throw your name in the hat (bonus for commenting 😉

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