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The next steps June 24, 2008

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Mike and I went to the doctor yesterday for my follow-up exam to my D&C and also to discuss the results of the genetic testing that was done.

Basically, there was too much deterioration for them to determine any genetic problems.  Maybe if they had done the procedure SEVENTY FOUR HOURS EARLIER INSTEAD OF MAKING ME CARRY MY DEAD CHILD AROUND INSIDE OF ME ALL WEEKEND, it would have made a difference.  Am I still disgruntled about that?  You betcha.  Note to self: do not schedule any doctor’s appointments for Fridays EVER AGAIN. 

I didn’t go there expecting any concrete results, and I didn’t get any.  But we also didn’t get any BAD news.  I was happy to hear that we’re free to try, try again starting in late July/early August.  Our worst fear was that the doctor would tell us that we shouldn’t attempt to have children together.  We’re so compatible in so many ways (and have long ago accepted the few incompatibilities as the other’s “quirkiness”), that it would be nothing short of ironic for us to not be able to even try to have children together.

My doctor is also doing additional testing on me to see if he can find anything that would prevent me from having a healthy pregnancy in the future.  He made the comment that most doctors wait until after the third miscarriage, but his philosophy is “why wait?”.  Might as well do it now.  If nothing else, I’m becoming a pro at getting my blood drawn.

My biggest concern with attempting to conceive again is my age.  I went almost two years between miscarriages.  I’m 34.  If it takes me two more years to get pregnant again . . .well, you do the math.  Dr. L wasn’t concerned at all with that.  He said that he’ll give us 3-6 months (Mike and I both heard “3 months” when he said that), and then we’ll discuss fertility medications.  This doctor has already done more for me in one month than my previous doctor did in the 12 years I went there.

Dr. L told me to start charting my cycles and bring him everything when I come back in 3 months (assuming all the testing they drew blood for yesterday checks out OK).  So on the way home, I stopped at Barnes & Noble and bought my own copy of a fertility book that I had previously borrowed from a friend.  This book is awesome.  It’s “dumbed down” enough for people who don’t want to be bothered with medical jargon, but it’s also very thorough.  So let the charting begin. I had always been insistent that we would never resort to timed intercourse, but damn it, my biological clock is ticking.  Mike is going to hear the words “ovulation” and “cervical mucus” until his ears bleed.  Forget the romance, we have a mission to accomplish!


4 Responses to “The next steps”

  1. Karen meg Says:

    Good luck Shawna. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you and Mike; been down that road before and timed intercourse is never overly fun. Sounds like you’ve got a great doctor, which is really half the battle.

  2. Sydney Says:

    Okay… that last paragraph reminds me of the Kevin Bacon movie “She’s Having a Baby.” That movie is hilarious. Hang in there, I know it’s been a tough road. Good thoughts and prayers heading your way!

  3. So glad that you found a doctor that is really working with you. Let me know if you want the name of a good online place to buy ovulation test strips at a good price. We used them for a month when trying to conceive for the little guy. . . they worked nicely 🙂 Hugs to you and good luck getting to know your cervical mucus 😉

  4. Lisanne Says:

    Good luck. I wish you *all* the best. Hope that things will go smoothly for you!

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