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Gizzy June 2, 2008

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I’ve written about Giz many times before.  Even if you’re not a cat lover, or an animal lover, I’m sure you can at least appreciate how much others get attached to their pets.

Tonight, Mike and I had to take Giz to the animal hospital and have her put to sleep.  She was down to 3.5 pounds, wasn’t eating as much as she had been, and tonight she wasn’t able to support her own weight and walk on her own.

We knew it was time.  She was somewhere around 20 years old.  Despite her many health problems throughout the years, this is the first time she looked uncomfortable.  In pain.  We knew it was the humane thing to do, but it didn’t make it easier. 

I had just told her last week that that it would be easier for me to handle her eventual passing; that I was more prepared then than I ever would be.  I was 10 weeks pregnant.  And here we are, only a week later, and I lost the baby and the cat within 12 hours of each other.  Needless to say, today was an emotional day.

I came home earlier this evening without my child.  I came home half an hour ago without the cat that has been part of my life since she was a kitten.  NaBloPoMo’s theme this month is not treating me very well so far.

It may be awhile until my next blog post.  I need to find something happy to write about.  I need something good to happen.  I think we’re due for it.

Thank you for all of your kind words, comments, and emails over the past few days.  I greatly appreciate your support and concern.  Thank you.


3 Responses to “Gizzy”

  1. lorimo Says:

    I am so sorry for both of your losses. I had a feeling that you were pregnant from what you mentioned in “blogged down”, but I didn’t feel it right to ask. I don’t know what to say to make the loss of your child any easier, but it does seem like you have a close family that will help. And Giz… I am so, so sorry. I am crying with you.

  2. Therese Says:

    I am sorry you have to endure yet another loss. You have had a rough time of it lately. Please take care of yourself.

  3. coffee slut Says:

    de-lurking here – I’m so very sorry for all you’re going through.

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