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New glasses May 9, 2008

Filed under: secrets — airingdirtylaundry @ 8:37 pm

Can you say “DORK”?


This is what happens when you go to the eye doctor alone, get your eyes dilated, and then pick out glasses.  I think I learned my lesson!


3 Responses to “New glasses”

  1. Nessie Says:

    No, I wouldn’t say dork. That style is popular among students who consider themselves creative. I would say, edgy/artsy.

  2. Therese Says:

    I LOVE the glasses!!! I think they are VERY in style…you look fabulous!!!

  3. They’re not bad at all! I’m all about the bold frames.

    But yeah, I usually bring my contact lenses with me for those occasions LOL!

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