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B(l)ogged down May 19, 2008

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OK, so maybe I’m the only one who thinks that title is funny . . .

I haven’t left the world of blogging, I just haven’t had much of interest to post lately.  BUT, I have spent a lot of valuable time catching up on the blogs of others and checking out blogs that I’ve never read before.  As much of a time-suck as it is to troll the internet and look in on the daily lives of strangers, it’s also so very very entertaining.

So, while I’m working on a Big Project that I can’t quite reveal yet (how’s that for secrecy?), please be assured that I’m alive and kicking.  One of these days, I’ll have something of interest to post and maybe a picture or two.  But until it stops raining EVERY SINGLE FREAKING DAY here, I’m going to hide away with my laptop and look for new blogs.  Today’s amusement?  Through the Looking Glass


Oh, the luxury . . . May 12, 2008

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THIS is where we stayed when we were in Indianapolis at the beginning of May.  My bed at home is extremely comfortable, but this one was a close second.  It also had 500 thread count sheets, which far surpass the quality of the ones on our bed at home.

Our room had a 42″ plasma TV and an incredible marble bathroom (where I took the most decadent bubble bath).  The bathroom even had a little flat screen TV and a phone.  Seriously.  A phone in the bathroom.

I think I got a little spoiled while I was there. 


New glasses May 9, 2008

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Can you say “DORK”?


This is what happens when you go to the eye doctor alone, get your eyes dilated, and then pick out glasses.  I think I learned my lesson!


Book Club May 8, 2008

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Last night was our monthly neighborhood book club. This time it was at LJ’s house. She made all kinds of food, with the most tempting being a brownie, Heath bar, chocolate syrup, chocolate pudding, whipped cream creation in a trifle bowl. It looked wonderful (and tasted even better!).

Our book club isn’t the standard book club where we all read the same book and then discuss it. It’s more of a book exchange where we all bring a different book and then trade off. No pressure to finish the book you choose, no in-depth discussions, just an opportunity for us to get together, eat good food, have a few drinks, and relax. Everyone else in our group has children except for me, so for them it’s also a chance for adult conversation without interruption (except for last night when ST and I were screaming about something and woke up LJ’s youngest–oops!).

It’s so nice to have a night out with friends–friends that you’re comfortable discussing any topic under the sun with. We never know where the discussion is going to go (sometimes we even discuss books!). I’m already looking forward to next month’s meeting.

The book I took last night was The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes by Diane Chamberlain. I’m only about 80 pages into it, but I’m hooked!


In advance

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I feel so special. The hotel we stayed at last weekend in Indianapolis (which was WAY swanky–more on that later) was near a Borders, so Mike and I stopped in there on Friday to browse.

I saw that the new Jen Lancaster book was out, which surprised me since I’m an avid reader of her blog, and I thought I remembered that it came out on the 6th. It was only the 2nd. Oh well, maybe my memory just isn’t what it used to be. I grabbed the book, headed for the register, and started it the next night as I was lying in my comfortable bed in the swanky hotel as Mike watched the big-ass flat screen TV. Oh, our Saturday nights aren’t what they used to be.

Anyhow, I finished it on Monday. That day, I read on Jen’s blog that her book was scheduled to come out the following day, but sometimes bookstores don’t pay attention, blahblahblah. How cool is it that I finished the book BEFORE it was technically relased to the general public? It’s little things like that that make me feel special.

By the way, if you’ve never read any of her books, you should check them out. She is freaking hilarious.


Thank you May 1, 2008

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Thank you for all of your kind words via comments and cards. I never had a lot of experience with death until I lost my grandfather in 1996. Since then, it seems like it’s one thing after another in my family. Your thoughts and prayers are the life raft I needed to get me back to shore safely and to allow me to continue on when all I wanted to do was drown in sorrow. The past week was rough, but it seems like my family is slowly getting back into their routine and dealing with everything. It’s times like this when I wished I lived closer to them.

We’re leaving for Indianapolis tomorrow morning, so I’ll be away for a few days AGAIN. But I didn’t want to take off without saying thanks.