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Updates from the land of AiringDirtyLaundryville April 20, 2008

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The deck?  Will be done on Tuesday or Wednesday.  In the three days they were here this week, great progress was made.

Day 1:

deack day 1

Day 2:

deck day 2

Day 3:

deck day 3

Giz gives it her seal of approval so far:

giz on deck


What did I do on Saturday instead of a long run in preparation for the half marathon that is 2 weeks away?  I went to boot camp class in the morning, then to get my hair cut.  While out and about, I had a few errands to run–a stop at the AT&T store (which wasn’t as painful as it normally is), and a stop at Babies R Us for a gift for a co-worker that we’re having a baby shower for this week.  After that, home for a quick nap, and then off to get a pedicure, which was wonderful.  I have gross nasty feet (I know, you’re thinking “thanks for sharing”), and I was always leery of getting a pedicure because I didn’t think I could stand the embarrassment.  But when I was out in Arizona at that swanky spa back in January, a pedicure was part of the package deal, and I realized that it wasn’t that bad.  Spending most of my day in 3-inch or higher heels and the balance in sneakers, well, it was time for another pedicure.  After that, I made a quick trip to Sam’s Club and then headed home.


My sister-in-law, Mike’s baby sister JLo, got engaged yesterday.  It wasn’t necessarily a surprise, since they had picked out the ring together a month or so ago, but yesterday was the day he actually did it. 


They look really young (especially in the picture), but they’re just about the same age that Mike and I were when we got engaged, almost 10 years ago.  Maybe they just seem really young because Mike and I are getting old–gulp!

Anyhow, the newly-engaged couple came over to our house last night for dinner (steaks, green beans, and corn on the cob), and I had fun running around beforehand getting them 2 dozen roses, champagne, and–most importantly–a cheesecake, just to make their day a little more special. 


Depsite the fact that a few pieces of cheesecake are sitting in our fridge, I’ve was able to resist all temptation and stuck to my diet last night. I had a few glasses of champagne, (it was a celebration after all) but no cheesecake, no alcohol, no late night snack of any sort.  Just meat, veggies, water, and Crystal Light.  I stayed within my range for calories, carbs, protein, and fat.  Whew.  Now today I’m looking forward to my one cheat meal for the week, although I haven’t decided yet what it will be.  I’m thinking that the tortilla soup at Max & Erma’s is calling my name . . .


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