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Oh elliptical, I love you March 14, 2008

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In case you missed my mention of it previously, we bought an elliptical!  I’ve wanted an elliptcal for years, but specifically a Precor.  Of course, they’re an expensive brand and not available at any old sporting goods store; they’re more the kind you would find in a fitness center or sports training facility.  We went to a specialty fitness equipment store near our house. Expensive . . .but worth every penny.  And no, unfortunately I’m not getting paid by Precor to endorse their products.

So today’s list is why I love my elliptical–

  • the CrossRamp® technology–this is what makes Precors different than other ellipticals
  • stability–this thing weighs 200lbs or so.  It can hold my weight while I’m sweatin’ to the oldies without a problem.  I have a friend who has a cheapy elliptical and when I’m on it I feel like I’m Godzilla as it rocks back and forth.
  • low impact–although I’ll still need to run while training for the half marathon (that is now in 7 weeks panicpanicpanic), too much running just makes me ache all over.  The elliptical will allow me to get a good workout and mimic the motion of running without all of the pounding.
  • calorie counter–I’m sure these things are just a guess based on the weight entered (and I didn’t lie!) and time/distance/resistance/ramp height/etc, but still I think it’s at least somewhat close.  And it makes me feel good to see that I can burn 400 calories in 45 minutes.  AND somewhat justifies the chocolate caramel pretzel Klondike bars that I can’t stop jamming down my throat.  What would YOU do for a Klondike bar?
  • location location location–it’s in our basement.  Easy to get to. No membership required. And I can wear a bright orange 10-year-old shirt from that Gap that my gut hangs out of, pale blue sweatpants that are a tad too small, and my hair in a stylish rats nest while working out. 
  • no excuses–this one goes along with location.  What excuse do I have to not work out?  None.  The elliptical is RIGHT THERE. 

I’m very enamored with my new toy.  I’ve always been a morning person as far as working out is concerned, but now I even have the desire to work out in the evening.  I think this thing is magic!


One Response to “Oh elliptical, I love you”

  1. deb Says:

    I also love my elliptical……..I can go and go while I watch something on tv with my ipod on….my mind just WANDERS

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