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Concerts & live shows March 8, 2008

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I didn’t really have much interest in thinking up a topic for my list of the day, so at Mike’s suggestion, I’m going to list all of the concerts and lives shows I’ve been to over the years.  Thankfully he’s here to help me compile my list, because I’m sure I couldn’t remember them all on my own.  We woke up to ice this morning and then it snowed off and on, so I made a big bowl of soup and now I’m curled up in the chair with the laptop.  It’s been a lazy day.  We haven’t done much of anything (except make a decision on who’s constructing our deck–woohoo!), but it has been nice to be house-bound on a lazy Saturday.  Although hopefully spring is on its way soon . . .

Anyhow, on to the list.  Once again, no particular order.



One Response to “Concerts & live shows”

  1. You’ve seen some great shows!

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