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Book club March 6, 2008

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Last fall, six of us in the neighborhood started up a book club.  Instead of all of us reading the same book and then discussing it, we each bring a different book that we’ve read and swap with someone else.  So it’s more of a book exchange than an actual book club. 

The first one was kind of formal–we went around in a circle and gave a synopsis of the book we brought.  Over the months, it’s evolved into wine and “girly drinks”, good food, and neighborhood gossip.  At the end of the night, we grab a book and go home, slightly tipsy.

It’s my turn to host this month, and I’m excited.  Mike’s babysitting one of the neighbor’s kids so that she can attend.  Actually, he’ll be glancing at the baby monitor every so often and praying silently that the kid doesn’t wake up and ruin his opportunity to watch Lost without me yapping in his ear the whole time. 

So my list for the day is my menu for book club tonight.  Since it’s more about the food and the drinks, I thought that was more fitting than listing the books that we’ve read!


  • fruit salad
  • spinach bacon dip with beer bread (and I get to try out my Little Dipper!)
  • artichoke dip with tortilla chips
  • bacon dill dip with crackers & veggies
  • pepperoni roll with sauce (assuming I can find it at the specialty grocery store near our house)
  • chocolate cake (MUST. HAVE. CHOCOLATE.)
  • carrot cake (also assuming I can find it ready-made.  I’m not much of a cake baker.)


I was originally planning to make it an all-Irish menu in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, and then thought of making just green-colored foods, but then finally decided on green and/or Irish drinks. 

I even bought shamrock-shaped smiley cookies from Eat’n Park, but they were kind of stale when I got them on Tuesday, and, well, there’s a few missing now.  Not sure how that happened . . .  


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