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Baby names–boys March 2, 2008

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You probably guessed this was coming.  Yesterday was girl names for a bun we don’t have in the oven, so it’s logical that today is boy names.  You’re going to be quite surprised tomorrow when you see my list of names for pets we don’t have.  Oh, it’s going to be a long month o’lists here on this blog.


(once again, no particular order)

  1. Andrew
  2. Carter
  3. Caden/Kaden
  4. Mason
  5. Tyler
  6. Anderson
  7. Benjamin
  8. Bevan
  9. Braden
  10. Braylin
  11. Brendan
  12. Jameson (oh yeah, just like the Irish whiskey!)
  13. Evan
  14. Garrison
  15. Gavin
  16. Grayson
  17. Griffin
  18. Harrison
  19. Jackson
  20. Noah
  21. Parker
  22. Radley
  23. Roman
  24. Ryder
  25. Sullivan
  26. Toby
  27. Trevor
  28. Truman

Mike’s pick?  Forrest.  You have to be kidding me (once again, sorry to any Forrests out there).  I would have to curb the impulse to yell “Run, Forrest, run” or “Stop, Forrest, stop” almost daily.  Although Mike says that by the time we have kids, Forrest Gump will be a classic.  He might have a point.  But then again, Ben-Hur is a classic and I would never name my child that.


One Response to “Baby names–boys”

  1. I know what you mean about Mike’s favorite name.

    Too funny that NHL’s first and middle name are on your list 🙂

    I can’t wait to see more lists. . . fun idea!

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