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Half-assed February 10, 2008

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This is truly going to be a half-assed post.

So much has been going on lately, and not all of it has been good.  Actually, very little of it has been good.  As a result, I have so many random thoughts swimming around in my head, and I can’t function well enough right now to say what I want to say in the way that I want to say it.

And so, instead of working through everything, I’m going to proceed to get on the treadmill, struggle through a 2-mile run, and then tear my whole closet apart looking for something to wear tonight.  What do you wear to renew your wedding vows?  The original plan was to wear my wedding gown, but somehow the extra 50-plus pounds that I’ve tacked on in the past 8 years haven’t managed to successfully melt away.  The details for the event say that you can wear your wedding gown/tux, or else “attire appropriate for a guest at a wedding.”  Every dress that I have in my closet that I’ve worn to a wedding is black.  Can I really wear a black dress to a wedding vow renewal ceremony?

At least there will be 999 other couples there.  Odds are, someone else will also have a black dress on.


2 Responses to “Half-assed”

  1. Shawna, hope it went well! I’m sure you looked great …. hope you have pics of the historic event!

  2. Lots of hugs coming your way. Black is perfectly fine for a wedding. My family and wedding party were all asked to wear black for our wedding in 2001. Our colors were black, white and silver.

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