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Another day . . . January 31, 2008

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 . . .another trip to the doctor.  Another (different!) kind of antibiotic.  And BONUS!  Cough syrup with codeine!  Someone’s gonna be sleeping REAL good tonight.

I woke up this morning severely congested and with a very attractive hacking cough.  Since my company does not believe in the concept of sick time (THAT’S a topic for a whole other post!), I dragged my sorry ass into work and sat here and coughed and hacked.  After much deliberation and arguing with myself over whether I am a hypochondriac or not, I went back to the doctor’s office.

She gave me a breathing treatment, which seems to have helped a lot. A few nips of the cough syrup and I’ll probably be out like a light.

The one thing that concerns her is that I still have a fever.  Last Monday my temp was 103 and today it’s 101.  I have no idea what it was in between then and now, but I feel the same, so I’m guessing it’s been around the same.  I haven’t  had the chills, but I have gone through veryhot/very cold stages.  Running around like a maniac all over the country will do that to you, though.  But this weekend?  I may not get out of my pajamas.


2 Responses to “Another day . . .”

  1. Ugh, hopefully this antibiotic does the trick. Be sure to eat some yogurt or buy some acidophilus pills to ward off yeastie beasties! Feel better and hey PJ weekends are wonderful things (just stink when you are sick to get them).

  2. Hope you have a restful weekend and conquer that bug Shawna.

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