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I should have gone to medical school January 29, 2008

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What a whirlwind 2 weeks.  This past weekend we went to a wedding in New York City and then on to New Jersey to visit Mike’s aunt.  The weekend before, I was in Phoenix at a swanky spa with 14 fabulous ladies for a great winter getaway.

 Sounds absolutely divine, doesn’t it?

It was, except for one nagging little detail . . . .I’ve been sick for two weeks now.  Not just the sniffles, either.  We’re talking mind-numbing, barely shuffle through the day sick.  The weekend in Phoenix–a blur.  Except for the landing where I clutched the arms of my seat and cried because my ears hurt all the way down to my collarbone.  Last Monday I went to the doctor and was told I have bronchitis, strep, a double ear infection, and please pay your $15 co-pay on the way out.  A monster dose of antibiotics put me among the living (barely) through this past weekend, but I still have the earaches and the sore throat.  So I called the doctor and was told that what I have is probably viral since the antibiotics didn’t knock it out of me.  So they gave me MORE antibiotics (?) and told me that if I’m not better by next Monday that I should see an ear/nose/throat specialist. 

The kicker is when they ask at every appointment and during every phone call if I’m allergic to anything, I tell them every single time that I have a really bad reaction to E-Mycin and, well . . .that’s it.  I have no other allergies to anything.  So I tell them that there is one thing in the world that I can not have, and guess what they gave me?  Azithromycin, E-Mycin’s twin brother.  The rationale?  I would only have to take it for 5 days and my reaction to it shouldn’t be “that bad.”

So I dealt with the rash (Hello, sleeveless dress that I wore to the wedding!  Look at this fine rash I have for you to display so that I look like a leper!).  And the diarrhea (yes, Mike, I have to go to the bathroom AGAIN!).  And the dizziness (Let’s circle the Newark airport for 30 MORE minutes in turbulence!).  And now you want me to take MORE antibiotics even though they will do nothing to combat a virus? 

Something is telling me that I should have put more thought into the decision of making one of Mike’s old bar-league softball buddies my primary care physician.


One Response to “I should have gone to medical school”

  1. So sorry that you have been sick. Hopefully you recover quickly and can stay away from antibiotics for quite some time.

    Oh and thanks for the comment on my giveaway. I am not replying there anymore since it is crazy!

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