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See this girl? January 11, 2008

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She’s crazy, I tell you.  Cah-ray-zee!

This is Becky.  My sister-in-law, JLo (not the original JLo) and I went to Becky’s bachelorette party the Saturday after Christmas.  Becky is the type of person who lives life to the fullest.  Every time I see her she’s in a good mood, laughing, having the time of her life. 

I knew her bachelorette party would be a good time, and she certainly didn’t disappoint.

The night was certainly would not be considered wild by the heartiest of partiers, but it was definitely a lot of fun.  We are, after all, in our 30s (except for my sister-in-law and one of Becky’s other friends), so being able to stay up past midnight was considered wild for some of us!

The nine of us started off with dinner at Nakama, one of my favorite restaurants.  Whenever Mike and I eat there, we always sit in the bar area because he doesn’t like the heat of the hibachi, so this was the first time that I got to sit at a table there.  We had a lot of fun, a lot of good food, and I tried sake for the first time ever.  Not bad, but I don’t see myself drinking it a lot.  Actually, if I drank a lot of it, I probably wouldn’t be able to see ANYTHING!

After dinner, we boarded the limo,


which was pretty cool. Big-screen plasma TV, satellite radio, and endless bottles of champagne.  We drove around for awhile before stopping at a place downtown that was part dance-joint, part sports bar.  There was a great cover band there that got us out onto the dance floor.


The band was passing out shots, we were buying shots, and the drinks were flowing–thankfully, because I certainly can’t dance sober.  At least when I have a few drinks in me, I THINK I have rhythm!

The night continued on with more of the same–drinking, dancing, have a great time.  JLo and I were somewhat concerned about how we were going to get home that night, since my car was at her house and we had taken a cab to the restaurant.  The original plan was to take a cab back to her house and I would just spend the night there. But as the night went on, I didn’t really like the idea of the two of us being visibly drunk and then getting into a cab.  Becky overheard us talking and was kind enough to offer the pull-out couch in her basement, which solved our problem.

We took the limo back to her house, fell asleep immediately, and then JLo and I left early in the morning after she called her boyfriend to come pick us up.  We staggered out of the house, of course in the same clothes as the night before.  It was kind of weird to spend the night away from Mike and then also to wake up 1/4 mile from his father’s house!  We made our way home and I crawled into bed and slept until noon.  Noon!  I don’t think I’ve ever slept until noon before in my life!

It was such a fun time.  It was nice to have a “girls night out” and Becky and all of her friends are just such good people.  Her wedding is two weeks from tomorrow in NYC, and Mike and I are excited to go and be a part of her special day.  We wish her and her soon-to-be husband all the love and happiness in the world.


One Response to “See this girl?”

  1. sandworm Says:

    I hope she’s not insulted but Becky looks like Holly Hunter to me???

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