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You want funny faces? Come on down! December 5, 2007

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So OMSH, it’s funny faces you want?  I used to joke that there are no good pictures of me, but I’m starting to realize that it’s no longer a joke, it’s reality.  Although, really, I can’t look that goofy ALL of the time, can I?  See for yourself . . .

First we have a somewhat over-exposed shot of my eyeballs rolling up into my head:

funny face

Then we have the happy face that just looks, well, scary:

scary face

And then we have the drunk, just-woke-up, dazed & confused look. But seriously, I walked around Las Vegas all day looking like this and thinking I was just fine.  Although I did kind of wonder why people around me were constantly discussing the plight of the homeless.


Word to the wise?  Don’t ever have a lollipop in your mouth when someone takes a picture of you.  Oh yeah, and don’t ever acquire a double chin.  Looks like hell in pictures.  Trust me.


One more word of advice? Sing in the privacy of your own shower.  Hopefully there’s no one taking pictures there.


And these were just from the last 6 weeks!  I have 33 more YEARS worth of these kinds of pictures!


One Response to “You want funny faces? Come on down!”

  1. OMSH Says:

    Oh see, I like the crooning shot – especially he angle of the teeth. Mine do that, but I resemble Bugs Bunny when mine go there.

    I think the waterfall shot is a “funny, yet could almost be sexy” shot – y’know, depending on who was looking at it. NOT THAT I WOULD FIND YOU SEXY. I mean, if I was a guy, but I’m not a guy.

    Um…okay, I’ll quit now.


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