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Vegas 11/24/07 November 30, 2007

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Almost done . . .

We woke up early Saturday morning, went downstairs to play the slots for awhile, and then Mike stopped in at the VIP desk and asked if we could check-out late since our flight wasn’t until 5:45PM.  They graciously accommodated us (even though we’re the two most un-VIP people you’ve ever met), and we headed upstairs to our room to pack up.  Quite a project, but we packed pretty quickly when you take into account how messy the room was (DEFINITELY no pictures of THAT mess!).

We went to the Spice Market Buffet at our hotel, which we had been looking forward to the whole time we were there.  On principle I don’t really care for buffets, but I do look forward to trying new things that I wouldn’t order at a restaurant for fear of not liking it.  I especially enjoyed the dessert area and had my first chocolate in a month, which tasted like heaven.  (Since then, I’ve devoured the whole bag of Peppermint Patties that TheAngelForever sent me.  Gotta get back on that strict diet, but I definitely enjoyed the time I was OFF of it!)

We went back to the casino floor and did the free slot pull by the players club area.  You know, that giant slot machine where you can win some kind of huge prize that you suspect that no one has ever won anything?  Mike went first and won something!  Sadly it wasn’t the $2 million, but he did get a set of dice that were actually used in the casino.

I went next and since he had won something, I didn’t expect to get anything at all.  But up popped one seven.  Then another.  And then a third!  The attendant kept saying “We have a big winner!  We have a big winner!”  I was utterly confused and was looking at the top of the giant slot machine to see what she meant by “big”.  It turns out that I would have originally won 2 tickets to STOMP OUT LOUD, which was at our hotel.  Mike and I had already seen it and wouldn’t have paid to see it again, but with free tickets (and if we were staying longer) we would have definitely gone.  BUT, they were out of STOMP tickets, so she told me that I had won 2 free admissions to the buffet (you know, the one we had just come from) and $10 in free slot play.  We explained that we were leaving in an hour or so to catch our plane, and Mike talked her into giving me two sets of the same dice she had given him.  I guess he plans on getting a few craps games going in our basement or something.

We redeemed the $10 in free slot play and quickly blew through that without winning anything.  Next we headed over to the free slot tournament, and we both ended up winning a STOMP keychain.  And, I beat Mike by one point (which I was very proud of for some reason!).  It seems we were lucky all around that day.

It was time to go, so we collected our luggage from the room and caught a cab to the airport.  Waiting in the airport was excruciating.  We both just wanted to go to sleep and it seemed like boarding time would never come.  Once we got on the plane, I fell asleep while Mike dozed in an out.  Once I woke up, we started talking about our favorite parts of the trip and how much we would have liked to stay longer.  Or go back again soon.

We’ve been to Vegas together four times in the past 3 years and have stayed at the Aladdin/Planet Hollywood 3 of those times.  It’s been so neat to see the hotel morph from the Arabian-themed Aladdin to the movie-themed Planet Hollywood.  Even the slot machines that had little magic lamp logos were covered up with Planet Hollywood decals.   The rooms have changed and now each one has memorabilia from a different movie (our room was the “All the Right Moves” room).  The only hint that the hotel was once the Aladdin?  The plumbing fixtures:



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  1. Glad you enjoyed your candy, NHL helped me with the gummy sharks (Yum!) and man did he love the Rolos. Definitely my kiddo there 😉

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