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Vegas 11/23/07 November 30, 2007

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Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I know you’re sick of the whole vacation saga that really only consists of us walking around, drinking, and gambling, but this is more for me than it is for you, so feel free to skip over it.  On a cold winter day in February when we’re buried in snow and ice and I feel like it’s been years since I went away anywhere, I’m going to need these posts to look back on and pull me through.

On Friday morning, we went downstairs and played the slots for awhile before heading over to New York New York.  Once we got there, we fought our way through the crowds and went to Sirrico’s for a slice of pizza. (OK, I admit it.  I had TWO slices.  Diet had fallen to the bottom of my priority list and was a distant memory by this point.)

Mike was able to get on one of the new Star Wars slot machines at NYNY,

star wars

i heart yoda

and I eventually got on one of them too, but lost money in the blink of an eye.  I watched Mike finish playing and cash out, then we headed back to Nine Fine Irishmen.


I love traditional Irish pubs.  No TVs and there are divided areas at the bar so that you can have an intimate conversation and feel like you’re the only two people in the place (or be wild and rowdy and not disturb your neighbors!).  We got our last Guinness to go (although Guinness in a plastic cup is sacrilegious) and started walking.

outside nyny

We walked through Excalibur and on to the Luxor, stopping to check out the advertisements for various risque events.

thunder down under


We spent some time at the Luxor’s sportsbook and then continued on to Mandalay Bay.  After we left there, we decided to stop in the Tropicana, since we had never been in there before.


It was, well . . .disgusting.  It smelled old and musty.  But that didn’t stop us from hanging out in the casino for awhile.  Definitely an “old Vegas” feel to that place.

We headed back towards our hotel and got sidetracked by the Glacier Bar.

glacier bar

and also an outdoor band (bad picture, I know).


By this point I was getting cold and of course didn’t have a jacket with me, so we hightailed it back to Planet Hollywood and had another sandwich at Earl of Sandwich.  I had the grilled cheese sandwich again and Mike made fun of me.  We stayed dowstairs in our casino and gambled until the wee hours of the morning, at which point I had ANOTHER grilled cheese sandwich and Mike CONTINUED to make fun of me.  Shut up.  It’s my vacation.  I will eat 46 grilled cheese sandwiches if I want to (and wonder why I can’t lose weight). 

We headed up to our room, sad that our last full day in Vegas was over. 



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