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Vegas 11/22/07 November 29, 2007

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Early Thanksgiving morning, I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep.  I decided to go downstairs by myself and wander around for a little while.  I played the slots and also spent a lot of time people-watching.  Vegas HAS to be the #1 people-watching spot in the world!

A few hours later, Mike made his way downstairs and we headed over to the sportsbook to check out some of the football games.  Our plan for the day was to make our way up to the Mirage and see if there were tickets available for LOVE.  Mike likes the Beatles, and I thought I would like cirque du soleil,  so we thought it would be a good show to see that we would both enjoy.

We headed across the street to the Bellagio, which never ceases to be amazing.  If it wasn’t so crowded, I could have spent days staring at the glass art in the lobby (of which I took poor pictures).

glass art

I was also excited because the hotel was still decorated for fall.

fall decorations


In an effort to get away from the crowds, we took what we were hoping was some kind of shortcut by going down an empty hallway.  We once again got ourselves lost.  We got lost every day, but this time it was excruciating because we were both so hungry and we couldn’t even find our way out of the hotel. 

We found our way out through some kind of employee-only area (along with a lot of other people who had directional problems too!), and headed over to Caesars.  I was not in a picture-taking mood, so no visuals of our travels.  It had probably been close to 24 hours since our last meal, so I was dizzy and cranky.  And when I get cranky, no pictures get taken.

Going through Caesars we saw a little food court area and immediately headed towards it.  Mike and I split up to go to different sections and then met up at a table in the center.  I don’t think either of us spoke a word to each other for 10 minutes while we were shoveling food in our mouths.

All of a sudden I looked at him, smiled, and said “I’m having Kung Pao Chicken for Thanksgiving dinner!” 

After eating, I was so tired from all of the walking and only a few hours of sleep that I seriously considered curling up in a chair in Caesar’s sportsbook and taking a nap.  Mike talked me into moving on, so we headed to the Mirage.  I was no longer cranky, so here’s a picture.


We went into the Mirage and unfortunately Thursday’s LOVE shows were sold out and there were only single seats left for the remaining shows that weekend.  We were kind of disappointed, but it was our own fault for not booking in advance.

We continued up the strip to Treasure Island, although the siren show was under construction for a few weeks.  We still got to see the pirate ship, though.

pirate ship

We crossed the street and headed back towards our hotel, stopping at the Venetian and the Imperial Palace along the way.

Right around 5:00 (where did this day go?) we found ourselves back at Bill’s Gambling Hall and caught the first few songs of the Big Elvis show.  Seriously, we can’t get enough of this guy!

We went back to our hotel and went up to the bar on the second level near the high-limit room.  There are some penny slot machines by the bar that it seems like not many people knew about, and we had a fantastic waitress while we were there.  We did really well on those slots, and it was nice to pretty much have the whole area to ourselves.  Mike found a monkey slot machine that he really liked (and IT liked HIM too!).

twice your monkey

We ended up eating at Earl of Sandwich in our hotel that night and I had the best grilled cheese sandwhich ever made–3 kinds of cheeses, diced tomatoes, and applewood smoked bacon.  We had originally intended on eating at a buffet that night, but were afraid we’d be stuffed and end up wanting to go to sleep.

Kung Pao Chicken and grilled cheese on Thanksgiving is a little non-traditional, but definitely no regrets on my part.  And Mike had a turkey sandwich, so at least one of us had some turkey on Thanksgiving!

Only a day and a half left of our vacation (told you I was milking this for NaBloPoMo)!



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