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Vegas 11/21/07 November 27, 2007

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We woke up early on Wednesday and headed downstairs to eat breakfast at Planet Dailies in our hotel.  I stopped keeping my food journal at this point when I realized that I had a beer BEFORE even having breakfast.  My original intention was to at least keep track of what I was eating and drinking when we were there but not to keep to my diet.  Less than 12 hours after arriving I realized that I didn’t even want to be bothered with even keeping the food journal.

After breakfast we played the slots in our hotel for awhile, and then headed towards the monorail.  I knew which direction it was in, but wasn’t exactly sure where the nearest stop was.  We ended up one block off of the strip walking behind all of the hotels, while Mike was getting progressively madder at my horrible sense of direction.  And it turned out that you have to go through the hotels to get to the various stops anyhow.  A very nice Bally’s employee took us through a maze of restricted-access hallways and pointed us in the right direction. Crisis averted.

We hopped on the monorail and got off at the Sahara. 


Walking through the Sahara, Mike got in touch with his cousin from Florida who was in Vegas visiting his in-laws for the holiday.  We had hoped to meet up with his cousin at some point, but once we realized that it just wasn’t going to work out, we hailed a cab and made our way downtown to Fremont Street.  Our first stop was the Golden Nugget.

golden nugget

We were amazed and a little bit upset that so many of the hotels were already decorated for Christmas on the day before Thanksgiving.


But that certainly didn’t stop us from having fun.  We saw a tiny sign that said “dive bar.” Hoping for some kind of non-touristy local beer-and-shot joint, we followed the sign.  We were wrong.  When we got there it was a pool with a shark tank and a bar–a dive bar. Duh.

dive bar

waterfall at dive bar

We got a very expensive beer and continued on our way.  I think we went in each of the casinos on Fremont Street, and we spent a lot of time at the Las Vegas Club, where we met Mike the casino host,

mike the casino host

who is also a Steeler fan.

mike the casino host's tatoo

I think it was this casino that also had a sport memorabilia hallway, including Jerome Bettis’ college jersey.

bettis jersey

We gambled more than I thought we would downtown.  Rumor has it that there are

loose slots

at the casinos downtown, and they didn’t disappoint.  I especially liked that they had cheaper table games than they do in the casinos on the strip.

Although we stayed until dark, we left before all of the overhead lights came on.  We weren’t sure what time they came on and we knew we needed to get back to the strip to see Big Elvis at Bill’s Gambling Hall.  What a fantastic show!  I even got to perform with him

me with big e

and have the certificate to prove it!

big e certificate

 And the night was young–we still had quite an adventure ahead of us!



3 Responses to “Vegas 11/21/07”

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  2. airingdirtylaundry Says:

    OOPS! Major sports faux pas on my part! Mike was kind enough to point out that the jersey wasn’t Bettis’ college jersey, it was his jersey from when he played for the Rams. Like any of you caught it. Or really care. But he insisted that I make note of the correction so that I “don’t look like an idiot”.

  3. […] there for the show, no one was quite as anxious as I was to volunteer to be part of the show.  I had done this on our November trip and it was a lot of fun.  Elvis sings “Viva Las Vegas” while another girl and I shake […]

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