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I kinda “fell off the wagon” November 14, 2007

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Since yesterday was our anniversary, Mike and I decided to go out to dinner last night after I got home from work.  We went to a fantastic Italian restaurant that sits right on a small lake (although it was dark and we couldn’t even see the water). 

Bruschetta's al lago

Oh, and we went there because we had a “buy-one-entree-get-one-free” coupon.  We’re all about the romance. And the free food.

Our server brought complimentary bruschetta to our table, which has never happened in the past when we’ve eaten there. Of course it would have been rude of me to NOT have any, right?

And that started what could have been a disasterous chain reaction, but I think I recovered well, if I may say so myself.  I diverted my attention from the pasta section of the menu, and instead opted for the salmon and scallops over rice pilaf.  Pasta is my downfall.  I could seriously eat it 3times a day every day.  So instead of ordering it myself, I drooled over Mike’s pasta.  I think I gained weight just looking at it.  And since it was a special occasion, I talked myself into having a glass of wine–a wonderful cabernet that was worth every calorie.

My plan was to eat half of my dinner and save the other half for today’s lunch, but, well, it just didn’t work out that way.  I still ended up under 2000 calories for the day (barely!), but I had that uncomfortable stuffed feeling the rest of the night.

And then we went to the casino (you know, to “practice” for Vegas!) for a few hours.  A nice evening that was just the two of us and never once did the monstrous pile of laundry that was waiting for me at home cross my mind. 

So instead of cleaning the house and spending some quality time with the Ab Lounge, I pigged out.  But today I’m back to eating normally.  The one thing I’ve noticed about losing weight?  The boobs are first to go.  A necessary sacrifice, I guess.


3 Responses to “I kinda “fell off the wagon””

  1. Joan Says:

    I lost about 25-30 lbs. and am at my goal weight. You are right the boobs are the first to go dang it.

  2. karen Says:

    Yes, and it’s especially tough when you have zero boobs to begin with LOL!

  3. *sigh* In my case I wish the boobs were the first to go. For me they seem to be the last thing. Why is it that the first thing you want to go is always the last?

    Happy belated anniversary and you are an inspiration on your weight loss. I can not seem to get motivated and keep worrying that it is messing up my milk supply for the little munchkin.

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