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Viva Las Vegas! November 3, 2007

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I sent a monster of an email to my Swaparooni buddy, TheAngelForever, yesterday and one of the never-ending paragraphs was about Vegas (one of the other topics was religion, but we’ll save that for another time). 

I love Vegas.  I love the lights, the noise, the ding-ding-ding of a slot machine, the cheering at a roulette wheel, the scantily clad girls handing out (free) drinks, staying awake for 30-some hours without even thinking twice, the shows, the food (buffets!!), how 3AM can feel like 3PM, how each hotel feels the need to outdo all of the others, even the guys on the corner handing out leaflets for one-on-one time with strange girls. 

Everything, from the creative and beautiful flowers


to the Elvis impersonators

Mike with Elvis wannabe

to the clubs

Andi and Mike with the bunnies

I mentioned to TheAngelForever that Mike and I have been there a number of times.  I know that once we have children we probably won’t go there on vacation (or at least would have a very different experience if we did), and that’s one of our reasons for going back later this month.

Mike and I tried to start a tradition where Thanksgiving is “our” holiday.  Where we cook all of the food, make an all-day event out of it, and have everyone over to relax and have a good time and watch a little football.  I’m not a bad cook, but I am a stressed-out and overwhelmed cook.  I would always bite off more than I can chew (no pun intended!) and the first few years I made a Martha Stewart-worthy dinner.  So at 11PM the night before Thanksgiving I would be grating 48 kinds of exotic cheeses to make mac-and-cheese.  We would always have to order a pizza that night because the kitchen would be such a disaster that you couldn’t even find the ingredients to make a sandwich.  I would go to bed exhausted after hours of preparation, wake up early to get the bird in the oven and make all of the other side dishes, desserts, set the table, clean the kitchen, etc.  I’ve toned it down over the years and also have gotten more comfortable in the kitchen, so that part of it has gotten easier, but the problem now is family.

Mike’s father got remarried a few years ago, and his wife has a large family–both blood relatives and family from her first marriage.  We would gladly welcome the whole lot into our home, but for holidays most of the family already has their set routine–they go to this person’s house in the early afternoon and that person’s house in the evening.  Last year a lot of them tried to “squeeze us in” and didn’t make it.  So we ended up with 6 people for dinner and enough to feed 20. 

This year we’re sparing ourselves the trouble and the expense of Thanksgiving at our house and heading to Vegas.  Hopefully it will be the last trip we make before we’re blessed with any offspring, and we’re looking forward to spending some quality time together.  We haven’t been away on vacation by ourselves since our honeymoon–almost 8 years ago.  We always go with friends or family.  So this Thanksgiving is “our” holiday–and we’re looking forward to every minute of it.


3 Responses to “Viva Las Vegas!”

  1. I loved your “monster” e-mail (your words not mine). It’s been fun e-mailing and getting to know you.

    May your trip to Vegas be like ours in 2002. It was what we dubbed our last big trip before really trying to have a baby. Little did we know at the time that I was pregnant with now 4 year old NHL. I had a feeling since I have a great teacher bladder and suddenly knew every bathroom in Vegas. Heck there was even a frightening Ferengi encouter where the guy got scared by me and managed to stay in character. Thank goodness I was heading into the restroom, or it may have been messy.

    Have a wonderful trip and enjoy all of the marvelous sites and sounds in Las Vegas with your husband. Mmmm. . . . makes me thinks about the great shows and yummy food (Mandalay Bay buffet – to die for).

  2. yourgrace2001ca Says:

    Hey! I thought all the bunny clubs had closed down!
    Best to go before the kiddies arrive. I think the noises would skeer them:-)

  3. ryssee Says:

    Oh how I love the thought of get-away holidays! Everyone I know that’s taken one talks on and on about how great it is. Have a great time.
    new to Nablopomo this year. Found your blog on the blogroll thingy.

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