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Am I an idiot? October 31, 2007

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The answer is yes.

Yes, I am an idiot.

Who the heck starts a diet watching what they eat the week of Halloween AND when they have a certain monthly visitor?

Me, that’s who.

I was able to curb my candy cravings a little by buying candy that I don’t really like and I put it in the dining room last night to keep it out of plain sight.  One thing that may save me is that we’re not going to be home during trick-or-treat.  So no mindless snacking, one-for-you-one-for-me, like usual.  That should help.  And since we’re just leaving a basket of candy on our porch, hopefully some really greedy obnoxious kid without parental supervision will come along and totally clean us out so that there’s nothing left for me to think about eating later.

Mike really loves trick-or-treat and is really going to miss not being there.  But his step-mother’s mother-in-law from her first marriage (I know, I lost you) died this past weekend and the viewing is tonight.  I’m more than a little creeped out about being in a funeral home on Halloween night. The woman died at the age of 96, lived alone, had no illnesses, was not on any medication, and was not even under the care of a physician.  She had just had her driver’s license renewed recently and got herself around to where she needed to go.  Amazing.

I’ll bet she didn’t get to the age of 96 and still in excellent health by pigging out on Halloween candy.


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