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8 Random Things October 21, 2007

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I’ve been tagged by my Swaparooni buddy, The Angel Forever

Here are the rules–you list 8 random things about you and then tag a few other people to do it, with links to their blog.  Then leave a comment that they’ve been tagged.  Here are my 8 random things:

1. I met my husband in college at the University of Pittsburgh.  One of my roommates sophomore year, Heather (who was randomly assigned to live with us), ended up dating a guy she had gone to high school with, MikeG.  MikeG and my Mike were roommates.  The rest is history.  Heather and MikeG were married at Heinz Chapel at Pitt in 1998; Mike and I were married there the next year.

2.  I’m a coupon-cutter.  I have a system.  Every Sunday while Mike is watching football, I cut that week’s coupons from the Sunday paper, put them in my organizer, and then make up that week’s shopping list.  I use an envelope to write up the grocery list after looking through my grocery store’s weekly ads, and then look through my organizer to find coupons. The coupons then go in the envelope.  Some weeks I go really crazy and plan out each night’s dinner in advance, using post-it notes to mark recipes in cookbooks, and then making sure that whatever ingredients I need are on my list.  And the list is in order based on the way my grocery store is organized.  Crazy, I know.  But I end up saving a lot of time at the store, and I usually save about 15% to 20% off my bill.  And it satisfies some of my OCD urges!

3. I’m fairly good at fantasy football.  Or maybe everyone in my league is NOT good.  Either way, I’m 5-1 so far this year and today’s matchup should be a fairly easy win.  My only loss this year was last week, to Mike.

4. As much as I love hanging out with my friends, I’m a loner at heart.  I have no problem spending a whole day by myself (although that rarely happens!), going shopping by myself, and even eating in a sit-down restaurant by myself.  Sometimes I really welcome my “alone time”.

5. I love to dance, much to the chagrin of my husband.  Thankfully, it only happens when I’ve had too much to drink and someone to dance with, and Mike is sometimes able to talk some sense into me and make me stop.  If nothing else, it’s great exercise! 

6.  I have widely varied music tastes–VERY widely varied!  One day it’s blues, the next it’s rap, the next it’s 80s.  I can listen to and like just about anything.

7. My favorite day of the year is always the day after the benefit that Mike and I run for the American Cancer Society (more on that later).  We tally up the proceeds, do all of the paperwork and write out thank-you notes, and then spend the rest of the day relaxing and doing whatever we want to.  And we re-hash the events of the night before. If we can, we usually take that Monday off work and continue our celebration.  On Sunday this year, we went to a local restaurant for a light dinner and a drink, and then went to the casino and ended up at Sheetz getting MTOs at 4AM.  At random times throughout the night, we would just look at each other and smile, happy that this year’s benefit was such a success.  Monday entailed a fantastic Japanese lunch and more relaxing!  A perfect 2-day celebration before returning to work on Tuesday.

8. I like to cut the grass, although I rarely get the chance.  Mike HATES to cut the grass, and I ususally have to BEG him to do it.  Yes–we’re that family.  The one with the perpetually overgrown lawn.  If I could get the lawnmower started on my own, I would just do it myself.  I welcome the noise, the comfort in seeing the progress being made, and the “alone time”.  But until I can get the mower started on my own, it will continue to be a power struggle.  Me asking Mike to start the mower for me and him feeling that he has to do it himself because it’s a “manly” chore.

OK, there’s my 8 random things!  Now I’m going to tag 2 others–Dutch Blitz and A Day in the Life . . .

Thanks for including me, The Angel Forever!


4 Responses to “8 Random Things”

  1. Thanks for being such a good sport 🙂 I thought it would be a fun way to learn a little more about you. Oh and I am jealous that you have Sheetz. We learned all about them when visiting my friend that lives our your way. I bet you have Wegmens too – *sigh* I so just want a Wegmens and Trader Joes. This week I am off to figure out more things for your Swaparooni. I bought 3 things yesterday while out and about getting things for props to take to the Wiggles Concert this week. Take care.

    C’est Moi

  2. airingdirtylaundry Says:

    I love Sheetz! But no Wegmans or Trader Joes this far west in PA, unfortunately. Isn’t it funny how excited we get about the availability of a certain store in an area? I’m anxiously waiting for a Super Target to be built somewhere near me!

  3. Angella Says:

    Oy! I am randomed out. Can I just point you in the direction of my About page where I have links to all of the random things you could ever hope to know about me?

    Sorry for being a bad sport – my brain is not in high gear these days 🙂

  4. karen Says:

    I did this a while ago, but I’m sure I’ll find another 8 random, silly things about myself. Well, maybe they’ll be endearing.
    On, and BTW, I’m kindred spirits with you on Numbers 2,4,5 and 6. Not as organized as you are with the coupons, but my son hoards the local paper every Thursday night to make sure it doesn’t go into recycling (courtesy of his Dad) because he knows his Mom HAS to look through the coupons first!

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