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The language of love September 28, 2007

Filed under: secrets — airingdirtylaundry @ 2:17 pm

I saw this little quiz over at OMSH’s blog and thought I’d check it out.

My results:
Words of Affirmation 10
Quality Time 8
Acts of Service 5
Receiving Gifts 4
Physical Touch 3

Kinda makes me seem like a cold, heartless, greedy bitch doesn’t it? Praise me and tell me how good I am BUT DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH ME!  I’m not so sure I like this quiz.  Maybe because there’s just a hint of truth to it?  But just a hint!

I am most curious to see what Mike’s results would be–my guess is the polar opposite of mine.  But just how do I entice him to take the quiz?


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