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The cat’s going away and the mice are going to play! September 13, 2007

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The “cat” (meaning Mike) leaves for Vegas tomorrow morning.  As much as I’m going to miss him, I’m certainly not going to sit around the house moping.  Some of my favorite “mice”, Michele (from Phoenix) and Christine (from Seattle) are spending the weekend with me and we’re going to have “girl time”!  Some of my co-workers are coming over tomorrow night for dinner and to hang out with us and have a few drinks.  And then a few more.  And then a few more after that.

Saturday we’re going to do all of the touristy Pittsburgh stuff.  Go to the Strip District and Station Square, take the incline up to Mt. Washington to check out the view, and maybe even the Just Ducky tour if the weather cooperates.  Saturday night we’re going to a bar near my house called the Beach House.  It just opened up not too long ago, and I’ve never been there.  On the website, it looks like it’s targeted towards the younger, bikini-clad crowd, but it’s supposed to be cooler this weekend, so hopefully the bikinis will be covered up by long-sleeve shirts.  Not that I really give a crap anyhow.  The only reason I want to go to the Beach House is to see Gary Belloma, a Pittsburgh tradition.  I haven’t seen him perform in YEARS, and the crazy blues-y music he plays is exactly what I need right now.  I figured Christine would appreciate his music since she’s originally from New Orleans, and Michele . . . well. . .Michele could have a blast doing anything at all.

So as much as I will miss my wonderful husband, at least I have the girls to hang out with and make the time go by faster while he’s gone.  And I hope he has a great time on his “guys weekend”, stays out of trouble, and misses me as much as I’ll miss him.  Oh yeah, and Mike, if you could hit it big while you’re out there, I’d be more than glad to meet you there when Michele and Christine leave on Monday!


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