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Short post this time . . .I swear September 5, 2007

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My stat counter proves to me that people are reading this crap that I’m writing, but apparently it’s REALLY crappy, because there’s quite a dearth of comments. I know I’m new to this whole blog-thing, but right now I’m kind of feeling like it’s high school all over again and I’m sitting at my lunch staring at the “popular” table. Always on the outside looking in. Really, I don’t DESERVE your comments, especially since I just started making them myself on some of your blogs, but I wouldn’t mind a quick “hi, howya doin'” now and then just to reassure me that this stat counter isn’t defective and giving me false hope. I’m really anal-retentive and weird about the whole comment thing myself–I like to read through a person’s archives and really get to “know” them before I make a comment. So if you’re as OCD as I am, at least I made it easy on you and don’t have a lot of posts. Unless you’re waiting for a lot of posts from ME, so that you can get to know me before commenting.

Blogging is stressful.


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