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Hey Jealousy! August 26, 2007

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Two reasons for this blog:

1. I’ve been reading scads of other blogs and I’m jealous.  I compose blog posts in my head.  Something funny happens and I think, “Damn, I should write about that in my blog.  Oh wait.  I don’t HAVE a blog.  Put that on the to-do list.”  I see all of you as cyber-friends, even though I don’t really KNOW you, and, since my comments are few and sporadic, you have no freaking clue who I am.  Please, let’s be friends?  I promise, I’m not some stalking wacko.

2. I started a blog once before that was meant solely for documenting my pregnancy so that I could surprise my husband after the child was born with the blog.  Problem is, I haven’t gotten pregnant yet, so there’s not much more to say than “still trying . . .”, which quickly gets old.  I also struggled with the idea of a “private” blog on the internet.  So once the time comes that I DO get pregnant, I guess I’ll just resort to the old-fashioned hand-written journal.  Also, my husband was using our computer for something real quick while I was logged on under my user name and saw the blog after 2 entries.  So much for the surprise!

So, here I am internet!  For all of the world to see!  Please come be my friend!


One Response to “Hey Jealousy!”

  1. kerflop Says:

    Congratulations – and welcome to the dark side!

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